Thursday, March 31

Isaw Cravings and Pork Barbecue dreaming at Boboy’s InaWoW

The Filipino cuisine is very diverse and one category that all types of foodies enjoy is street food. From fish balls, quek-quek, kakanin to balut- among the popular Filipino street foods that we all love to munch on from time to time is grilled meat stuff. This will include isaw ng manok (chicken intestines), pork barbecue, isaw ng baboy (pork intestines), grilled liempo (pork ribs), and grilled chicken inasal.

I admit I love eating grilled isaws- be it pork or chicken. The distinct juiciness and the slightly charred taste plus the vinegar dip make it so unique. It’s been such a long time since I last tasted isaws and it is because I got sick- very sick and was hospitalized for two weeks. 

Good thing there is a better and hygienic way that I could again enjoy eating isaws and its through BOBOY’s INAWOW.

Recently opened this March 2016 at CK Mall Cainta, Boboy’s Ina-WoW is home to best tasting isaws, pork barbecue and other popular Pinoy favorites. Their grilled dishes are hygenically prepared utilizing an exclusive marinade and flavoring that brings out the best of Pinoy street foods.

Service wise, Boboy’s Inawow attends to their customers with such dedication and quick service. Prices are amazingly low too that you’ll be coming back often to enjoy their food.

Owned by Mharvin Ko, his love for food is evident as his love for his family. Boboy’s is his way of expressing and sharing his love for Pinoy food.  The place is actually named after his uncle, who is also a food lover and what better way to make it authentically Pinoy but by serving popular street foods and Pinoy dishes that we all love and enjoy.

Top on the list is their original pork barbecue and isaw ng baboy, two popularly known street foods brought to front by the flavors from the unique infusion that will bring party to your mouth.  Can be ordered solo or in big batch, with or without rice, a soon to be crowd favorite once you get to taste it. 

Boboy’s Inawow menu also includes Isaw ng Manok, Chicken Inasal (rice meal), Liempo (rice meal), Dinaing na Bangus (rice meal),Fish Fillet meal for you to choose from and enjoy! They also serve local favorites such as Stir Fried Kangkong, Crunchy Baby Shrimps, Lumpiang Shanghai, Lumpiang Sariwa, Tokwa’t Baboy, Sisig  and Fried Lumpiang Vegetable.  

Pinoy favorite dishes for mirienda are also available such as Spaghetti, Bihon Guisado and Pancit Palabok for you to enjoy at any time of the day.   And for something sweet, they have Ube-Turon w/caramel sauce for you to savor.  Then quench your thirst with Pineapple Juice, Cucumber Lemonade and a local classic favorite Sago’t Gulaman.

BOBOY’s Ina-WoW is located at the upper ground floor of the CK Mall along Ortigas Ave. Extension, Cainta, Rizal.  Open during mall hours from Monday till Sunday.  Come, visit and enjoy a dining experience at BOBOY’s Ina-Wow and experience the magic they have on their popular Pinoy favorite dishes.  

Kain po tayo!

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