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Inviting Good Luck in 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey with Feng-Shui Expert Marites Allen

Feng-shui expert Marites Allen can help make your 2016 a good year for you

Feng-shui literally means wind-water when translated in English, but as defined in various dictionaries it is “a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment”. 

Feng-shui expert in the Philippines Marites Allen

In the Philippines, fengshui is a popular practice which is applied in business, personal life and homes.  That is why as soon as December hits the calendar, many Pinoys look forward to fengshui tips and trends to usher in good luck for the coming new year. 

One notable fengshui expert in the philippines is Ms. Marites Allen. She has been featured numerous times in various publications and TV shows. Her profound and in-depth knowledge about feng-shui makes her an authority in the field of harmonizing ying and yang through valuable fengshui books, jewelries, trinkets, decors and now haute-couture ready-to-wear designer line clothing.

 Lucky things to have for 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

In a press conference held last December 7 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, feng-shui expert Marites Allen presented her masterfully written “2016 Feng Shui Horoscope” book series, Feng Shui Planner, and Feng Shui Almanac. The press conference which is co-hosted by Marco Polo also presented uniquely designed 2016 Chinese New Year lucky charms and accessories that will surely complement one’s style. The highlight of this interesting event was the preview of the latest FRIGGA fashion clothing and accessories styled in collaboration with the iconic designer Frederick Peralta. The details about the much awaited annual event for all feng-shui enthusiasts in the country were also discussed.

Marites Allen with Frank Reichenbach of Marco Polo Hotel

Happening this January 3, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel is the 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention for the Year of the Fire Monkey, it is a yearly event that tackles the overall forecasts and other related topics concerning luck and balancing the ying and yang. Philippines’ fung-shui expert Marites Allen will be joined by no less than the Asia’s King of Talk- Boy Abunda in the convention which is now running on its 11th year.

It is a privilege and honor for me to be able to attend this press conference and had a chance to hear valuable insights from Marites Allen. She briefly provided forecasts for the coming year of the fire monkey and according to her things will look good for all the animal signs (Chinese horoscope). Marites Allen also said that the lucky colors for the year of the fire monkey 2016 are black, gray and blue. 

Fashion and Feng-Shui never looked good when collaborated with a world-class fashion guru. Had a chance of chatting with Frederick Peralta, and he graciously answered all my questions. I asked about his participation in the execution of Frigga fashion and accessory line designs, and he revealed that Marites Allen herself designed the pieces including the fashionable clothes and his part was to finalized the designs and add some finishing touches to them. The result is truly marvelous that women of all ages would love wearing the Frigga collection.

Frigga fashion collection features lucky patterns for 2016

According to Frederick Peralta, the fabric used for the lucky dresses was custom designed by Marites Allen in London. The fashionable clothes feature lucky feng-shui symbolisms or prints that attract positivity. The styles of the Frigga ladies’ pret-a-porter apparel imbibe casual elegance with soft classic lines that will truly appeal to any modern Filipina. Selling will start on December 20 and each dress design comes only in limited edition. 

Frederick Peralta for 2016 Frigga collection with the models

Ms. Marites Allen with Frederick Peralta and models

So if you want to attract good luck for the year of the fire horse this coming 2016, I strongly suggest that you reserve your tickets to the annual 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention happening on January 3 next year at the posh Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas. I will mark my calendar and attend this convention since I want to learn ways from the master herself Ms. Marites Allen on how to attract good fortune for the New Year and make it more auspicious. 

You may call these numbers for inquiry and reservations 0920-950 9390, 442-0113 or 556 -0615. Tickets for the 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention for the Year of the Fire Horse are also available through this link- http://wealthluck.com/?product=marites-allen-2016-year-of-the-fire-monkey-philippine-feng-shui-convention-11th-session.

Selfie time with feng-shui master Ms. Marites Allen and world-class fashion designer Frederick Peralta during the event

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