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EMBOA: Revives the vibrant culture of Ermita-Malate tourist district

When you think about Manila, the key areas that will come onto your mind are Ermita and Malate. Here, you will find iconic inns and hotels of Manila, top  restaurants and dynamic entertainment hubs.

The Ermita Malate Business Owners Association or EMBOA has its primary objective and that is to promote the Ermita-Malate area as top tourist destination in Manila. Good thing that the current mayor Joseph Estrada of Manila has prioritized peace and order in the area through various initiatives that will ensure a safe haven for foreign and local visitors staying in the Ermita-Malate area.

Malate is a nostalgic and quaint district in the City of Manila with historical value. During the Spanish occupation, Malate was once a fishing village with the center of most activities held within the famous Malate Church. During the American colonial period, Malate was turned into a residential area where expats and affluent families came to reside among the beautiful villas and bungalows.  Some of the old structures in malate are still standing but around 1970 a major change took place that turned this residential district into a commercial area.

Founded during the late 16th century, Ermita got its name from the Spanish “la hermita” which translates to hermitage in English. The name is very much appropriate for Ermita since it has a notable hermitage (a dwelling place for a religious group that lives in seclusion/ monastery) that has been later transformed into the famous Ermita Church which was subjected to major rebuilding projects during the 17th century.  

Today, Ermita is a valuable area for recreation and culture from entertainment establishments to historical sites such as the Luneta Park and National Museum.

The significant role of EMBOA

The Ermita-Malate Business Owners Association (EMBOA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated in improving the environment for businesses in the area. The objective of EMBOA is to revitalize and uplift the Ermita Malate area by working hand in hand with local government units that will keep the surroundings clean, orderly and safe for anyone who wishes to stay here. Various projects were already initiated by EMBOA that helped in achieving positive business viability in the area.

EMBOA giving back to the community through a Christmas celebration dubbed as Handog Pasasalamat

The “Handog Pasasalamat” celebration held last December 17 at the newly improved Remedios Circle in Malate Manila is one way of EMBOA to give back to the local community. 

Attended by Barangay and some city officials, the event was started with a speech from Major Joseph Estrada then followed by live entertainment from various youth groups around the area.

    Extra security measures was implemented in the area.

The night was filled with merriment but the highlight of this event was the awarding of gift bags to selected 500 children chosen from among 15 Barangays. 

The beneficiaries (kids from ages 7 to 12) have their time of their lives watching the performances on stage while they anxiously waited for their special gifts.

Ermita Malate Business Owners Association (EMBOA) Members

1.310 Music Lounge Bar & Restaurant
66.Lucky Eight Maritime Training & Assessment Center
2.ACC Farmers Development Corp.
67.Luneta Hotel
3.AKB 48 KTV
68.M Hotel
4.Alpha Grandview Condominium
69.Mabuhay Restop
5.Angel Heart Bar Club
70.Macro (Manila Assoc. of Club & Restaurant Operator)
71.Malate Bayview Mansion Dev't Corp.
7.BDO UN Avenue
72.Malate Pensionne
73.Mama Ness Cuisine
9.Bayview Park Hotel
74.Manila Bay Cafe
10.Bean There Cafe
75.Manila Bulletin
11.Black & Silver
76.Manila Manor Hotel
12.Blue Angel
77.Manila Ocean Park
13.Blue Shadow KTV
78.Marino Filipino Int'l. Institute Inc.
14.Boa KTV
79.Max's Restaurant
15.Bocobo Hotel Inc.
80.Memla (Manila Entertainment & Music Lounge Assoc.)
16.Boracay Regency Corporate Center
81.Mikazuki KTV
17.Braderz KTV
82.Miramar Hotel
18.Broadway Travel, Inc.
83.Mister Woman KTV
19.Bulalo Fiesta Food Park
84.Naniwa KTV Bar
20.C & C Travel and Tours
85.New Sachi
21.Cabin KTV
86.New Shiawase Elegance
22.Chance KTV
87.New Yuu Yuu KTV & Tsuki Japanese Bar & Resto
23.Chic Boy
88.Nihon Bashite - Adriatico
24.Chowking Faura
89.Nihon Bashite - Hyatt
25.City Garden Suites
90.Not Just Photoshop
26.Club Yoko
91.ORB- Ocean Ticketing Services
27.Cocina Tsina
92.Onna KTV
28.Cowboy Grill
93.Palm Plaza
29.Cynthia KTV Music Lounge
94.Palmas Tours & Travel
30.DNL Travel and Tours
95.Pan Pacific Hotel
31.Denovo Express Endeavors Corp.
96.Pearl Garden Hotel / Pearl Lane Hotel
32.Diamond Hotel
97.Platinum KTV Bar
33.Dizon Dy Worldwide Travel Express Inc.
98.Purple Yam Restaurant
34.Ephesus Travel & Tours
99.Puso Ng Maynila Building
100.Ralph Anthony Suites
36.Executive Plaza
101.Rhema & Parousia Hotel & Restaurant
37.Far Eastern Travel Agency (FETA)
102.Robinsons Place Manila
38.Fuji Films Image Services
103.Rosas Garden
39.Gedisco Terrace
104.Rothman Hotel
40.Golden Sky Travel & Tours
105.Royal Gold
41.Grand Yoko
106.Sanbyaku Super Club & Karaoke
42.Great Sights Travel & Tours Corp.
107.Saori KTV Bar
43.Hanako Bar & Restaurant
108.Shakey's UN Orosa
109.Sievas Antique Shop
45.Hang Out Music Bar
46.Hizon's Cake & Pastries / ZA's Cafe
111.Spectral Technologies, Inc.
47.Hostel 1632
112.Stage 88
48.Hotel H20
113.Swagman Hotel
49.Hotel Kimberly
114.Tao Yuan Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant
50.Hugs KTV
115.Tempura Japanese Grill
51.Ibarra's Garden
116.The Pearl Manila Hotel
52.Island Quest Travel & Tours
117.The Slouch Hat Inn and Pub
53.Jade Vine Restaurant & Executive Inn
118.Tokyo KTV
54.Jam 69 KTV Lounge Bar
119.Tower Hotel
55.Jers Music Lounge & Coffeeshop
120.Travels Manager Int'l Inc.
56.Joara KTV
121.Tropica Apartment Hotel
57.Kai KTV / Restaurant
122.UCCP Shalom Center
58.L.A. Cafe Entertainment Bar
123.University Tower Manila
59.LA Scala Cafe
60.Land Bank of the Philippines
125.V Hotel
61.Las Palmas Hotel
126.Where 2 Next Hostel
62.Las Palmas Ticket & Tours
127.Yue Lai Seafood & Hot Pot Restaurant
63.Lavandera Ko
128.Yum Yum Restaurant
64.Lotus Garden Hotel
129.Zamboanga Restaurant
65.Lounge Beppin San Bar
130.Zebra KTV

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