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Movie Review: Insidious Chapter 3 (2015)

Insidious Chapter 3 Review (2015)

Worldwide Release Date: June 5, 2015

Genre: Horror

Movie Cast:
·       Stefanie Scott as Quinn Brenner
·       Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
·       Dermot Mulroney as Sean Brenner
·       Ashton Moio as Hector
·       Hayley Kiyoko as Maggie
·       Michael Reid MacKay as The Man Who Can’t Breathe
·       Tate Berney as Alex Brenner
·       Jeris Poindexter as Harry
·       Phyllis Applegate as Grace
·       Angus Sampson as Tucker
·       Leigh Whannell as Specs
·       Steve Coulter as Carl
·       Adrian Sparks as Jack Rainier

Director/Writer: Leigh Whannell

MTRCB Rating: Rated PG with Strong Parental Advisory. This movie contains scenes with several scary and horrifying images, blasting sounds, and themes (a child communicating with the dead, dealing with the supernatural, etc.) that may be disturbing for very young viewers. Parental guidance and discretion is strictly advised.  For PG-rated movies, those below age 13 may be admitted in cinemas provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Running Time: 97 minutes

Insidious Chapter 3 Summary: This is a prequel that validates Elise Rainer psychic prowess prior to the haunting experience of the Lambert family. In this Insidious movie installment Elise is hesitant but agrees to help a young lady who is plague by an unknown hideous supernatural entity.  

Insidious Chapter 3 Review

“So far this is the most compelling and gripping of all with emotionally charged scenes and frequent jolts of scary moments.”-LP

The Insidious movie franchise has devoted its storyline on the haunting of the Lambert family with two of its previous movies in 2011 and 2013 that earned a box office hit ranking. Starring Lin Shaye, Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, this new installment attempts to expel a demonic entity through psychic ability.

Chapter 3 evidently is the least looming of the Insidious trilogy which features a fresh young lead and supporting key characters from previous films in an amusing array that make up this series. While the movie shies away from the original gist of the prior Insidious movies, makes this chapter solely independent on its own. Focus Features and Gramercy Pictures are able to penetrate a wider spectrum of audience knowing that Insidious has a valid fan base.

Insidious Chapter 3 focuses on psychic Elise which played a key supporting role on the previous films. This new installment clearly deviates from the story plot of the first two films with Elise as the focal point while managing to cope up living alone after the death of her husband. Now retired from providing psychic readings and help for others, Elise has no choice when teenage Quinn Brenner comes knocking on her door one day. Quinn is still very distraught from the passing of her mom Lily which makes her desperate to seek Elise’s help. Although the psychic is very reluctant, Elise tries to help and start to venture into the spirit world. With her attempt to reach to Quinn’s dead mother, Elise realizes that Quinn is in grave danger as an unknown bad entity stalks the young lady.

On this first meeting Elise warns Quinn not to contact her mother again and send her back home. The warning came too late as the evil entity that hoovers around Quinn is determined to plague her with catastrophic events that are bound to happen at the Brenner’s home. Quinn lives with her father Sean and younger brother Alex in an old apartment building. 

One day Quinn notices a shadow figure following her on the street which leads to an accident that confines her to stay in bed at home to recuperate. While in the process of recovering from the accident, episodes of sinister phenomena occur in her home. Unable to move without assistance, Quinn has to deal with repeated frightening events on her own until one day Sean realizes that they needed help. 

With the directorial debut of Leigh Whannell, he manages to expertly blend the movie’s complex visual effects with creative cinematography which is geared towards revealing into full blast horror mode. The director/actor/writer also equipped the film with some comic relief provided by characters Angus and Specs- the ghostbusting duo. 

Veteran actress Shaye significantly echoes the extended key role of Elise which is the only certified psychic in this chapter. Elise remains the pivotal element in the whole film while Sean (the protective father) tries to be the hero but compelled to place the paranormal situation to the expertise of Elise the clairvoyant.   

While Scott playing the role of Quinn, effectively transformed from a desperate daughter seeking to reach out to her mother on the other side, she effortless performed her role of a girl possessed by an evil entity.  

Musical scoring and production design diligently answer the call for compelling visual and musical requirements of this tastefully crafted installment of Insidious. This gives an impression that the movie franchise is gearing towards the continuity of the new story plot reaping rewards away from the original idea. It is very evident that there will be a new chapter coming soon based on the story line presented in

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