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Fashion Evolution Hits Mugigae Singapore

Fashion Evolution top model search winners in Singapore for Mugigae Korean fashion brand

It was a lovely hot summer day in the shopping capital of Asia, when the grand winners of the Fashion Evolution model search finally landed in Singapore. As part of their prize, a contract to represent the international brand and Korean inspired clothing line Mugigae paved the way for the lovely Gianne Trijo and handsome Jeff Olalia to embark on a Singapore journey. Together with Fashion Evolution Director/Photographer Mr. Choy Suarez, the two winning models had their Mugigae photo shoot while capturing the beauty of Singapore cityscape.

Fashion Evolution director and photographer Choy Suarez directing Gianne for a casual photo shoot

Staycation plus photo-shoot at the lavish Marina Bay Sands pool area

Mugigae korean style clothing brand creator Ms. Geraldine Lorraine graciously welcomed the two winners of Metro Blogger’s Fashion Evolution Manila search to Singapore. Gianne and Jeff were treated to the best accommodation in Singapore via the Marina Bay Sands courtesy of Mugigae.   

Lovely Gianne with Jeff taking a break while on photo shoot

Gianne and Jeff enjoyed their working environment and with each fashion photoshoot, Singapore has been a pleasant background. Mugigae Singapore brought the grand winners of Fashion Evolution model search to various beautiful tourist spots in Singapore and had a blast in places such as Universal Studios, Gradens by the Bay and the Marina Bay. They also get to visit Mugigae store in the famous shopping area of Bugis Junction where fashion meets streetwise shoppers.

Gianne wearing a comfy and elegant Mugigae floral korean dress while having a great time enjoying her Gardens By the Bay tour on tram

retro Korean style inspired  checkered Mugigae dress

printed black and white Mugigae classic korean dress perfect for strolling 

feeling like kids again at a chocolate store in Sentosa island

fashion evolution winners visiting the Mugigae Bugis Junction branch with a bunch of photographers during a mini fashion show and media presentation

A little background on Mugigae
Mugigae is a clothing line that depicts shabby chic and trendy Korean fashion for ladies. With Mugigae’s founder Ms. Geraldine, she envisioned elegant fashion from korean inspired styles that are truly comfortable and yet elegant for any occasion. In 1998 Mugigae brand was officially launched.

Gianne looks perfectly stylish and cool in this korean floral dress from Mugigae

Red and blue plaid printed mugigae dress goes well for any casual rendezvous

Any girl will look stunning and sweet in this white and blue korean floral dress

Through her passion and dedication, Mugigae line has grown from a small shop in Singapore to branching out in different parts of the world. A lovely mugigae online store is set up for all women around the world therefore providing korean fashion to everyone. 
ad campaign with model winner for Mugigae

Mugigae in the Philippines
With the culmination of the Fashion evolution search for top models, Mugigae is committed in delivering hot Korean fashion to Manila trough their mugigae online store

Philippines top celebrity bloggers and fashion divas like Nicole Andersson and Dani Baretto looked stunning in their Mugigae clothing as posted on their social media accounts. This will only conclude that Mugigae korean fashion brand has the right mix of sensible chic fashion style perfect for the modern Filipinas.

Nicole Andersson proudly wears her cute ensemble from Mugigae Korean Fashion line as posted on her Instagram

Young and pretty Dani Baretto dons a stunning floral korean dress from Mugigae (grabbed from her own blog site)

To all fashionistas out there who love the shabby-chic korean style dresses can check out and shop at Mugigae website here- http://www.mugigae.com/ or for latest updates in korean fashion you could like and visit Mugigae official Facebook account.

Mugigae brand is in the process of expanding their fashion empire and would gladly welcome interested parties for franchise opportunities.

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