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Hermanos Taco Shop: The Holy Grail for Authentic Mexican Food in Manila

HERMANOS Taco Shop Mexican Restaurant Review

The search is over for the best Mexican restaurant in the Philippines! 

Filipinos fondness for food had led to the spawning of new restaurants offering international cuisines to satisfy the delicate palates of the Filipinos. But one thing finicky Pinoy foodies are truly searching for- is a restaurant that serves authentic cuisine and that is what HERMANOS TACO SHOP Mexican restaurant is all about.

Who would have thought that somewhere between San Juan and Quezon City there is a quaint little place that serves the best and authentic Mexican food in Manila. Tucked within a gasoline station along Granada St. in New Manila,  Hermanos Mexican restaurant is a true gem to discover if you want to explore the true colorful flavors of Mexico. 

Hermanos Taco Shop humble beginning

It is just right that the owners chose the perfect name HERMANOS that literally means brothers in Spanish since the idea of putting up an authentic mexican restaurant in qc was conceptualized by Mora family- 7 brothers and sisters. With their passion in bringing in the authentic Mexican taste to Manila the siblings finally convinced their step-dad senior Oscar who is a Mexican chef to take charge of the kitchen and recreate authentic Mexican dishes here in the Philippines. 

The idea of putting up a small Mexican restaurant has become a reality and in August 2010 the very first branch was established. Through word of mouth people all over Metro Manila, balikbayans and even celebrities are trooping this secretly hidden authentic mexican restaurant in manila where they can all enjoy a no-frill and straight forward taste of real Mexican food.  

Hermanos Taco Shop food: answers to Filipinos’ craving for authentic Mexican dishes

Mexican cuisine is as complex as other cuisines around the world with various mixes of spices, herbs and fresh local ingredients. What’s great about Hermanos they managed to stay true in delivering the authentic Mexican flavors. To cooking techniques, seasonings, sauces and execution no stone was left unturned just to remain faithful to the authenticity of Mexican cuisine. 

With ingredients that are often sourced from Mexico, perfect cooking procedures, rigorous preparation and dish presentation one can truly indulge in the best authentic mexican food in manila. Hermanos restaurant even went an extra mile by concocting fresh ingredients in their own kitchen such as freshly made salsas, handmade tortillas and the freshest guacamole which sets them apart from popular mexican restaurants in manila.

The citations from prestigious award giving body in the restaurant industry proved that this authentic mexican restaurant is one of the best places to eat in manila. Hermanos taco shop was included again as one of “Manila’s Best Mexican Restaurant 2014” in the recently concluded Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards. Summit Magazine's "Eat Out Now" included hermanos mexican restaurant as one of of the 180 favorite and loved restaurant all over the country. Hermanos also earned the top spot from Spot.Ph as the number 1 best nachos in Manila goes to prove that this charming taqueria (restaurant in Spanish) has the best mexican food in manila.

Gastronomical pleasures that can only be found at Hermanos Taco Shop Mexican restaurant

Let’s start the ball rolling and feast on the best mexican dishes in manila. Nothing beats the real thing! Dishes are prepared with strict compliance to genuine Mexican way of creating each food entrée. Mexican chef Oscar has trained kitchen personnel the proper way of prepping up each dish to précised cooking technique down to food presentation ensuring that all guests will experience consistency in quality and taste of the food they ordered. The outcome of this tedious and meticulous process is a welcoming treat to Hermanos diners who will surely be glad to discover the best mexican restaurant in metro manila or perhaps the best in the country.

The award winning best nachos in manila- CARNE ASADA CHIPS (Nachos)

This is the granddaddy of nachos! It is only right that this hermanos nachos earned the top spot as the ultimate in nacho goodness among other restaurants in the country. Oozing with authentic quality ingredients of what a Mexican nachos should be, comes with diced premium sirloin steak (beef), pico de gallo (salsa fresca made from fresh chopped tomatoes, salt, key lime juice plus spices and herbs), salsa, melted cheese and sour cream over a bed of crispy tortilla chips. Not the usual nachos that we all know, the Hermanos nachos does not contain ground meat in order to adhere to authentic Mexican style nachos. The perfect combination of toppings makes this dish a must try for all those planning to visit Hermanos. Very refreshing that comes off with a clean gratifying taste.

Yummy QUESADILLAS- chicken
Probably many of you have already tried quesadillas in some popular mexican restaurants around the metro but the real secret of perfectly made quesadilla is the tortilla. Good thing that Hermanos Taco Shop makes their own tortilla wrap which assures everyone that each quesadilla is always fresh with just the right softness that is pleasant to the bite. Hermanos quesadilla is light and easy to eat which is perfect for snacking or as appetizer. This one comes with specially marinated chicken breast fillet meat with sour cream.

ROLLED TACOS- Beef and Chicken Combo in Crispy Taquitos

Served in a crispy taco shell (taquitos) that is deep fried to perfection is either filled with marinated chicken breast meat or shredded sirloin beef. The taco roll itself would be such a delight to bite into but Hermanos added some pico de gallo, fresh lettuce then topped with sour cream and cheese sauce. Just imagine the goodness with all the Mexican flavors once it hits your mouth- truly an amazing thing to devour.

CHILI con CARNE PLATE- complete Mexican meal

Hermanos chili con carne is a gratifying dish in terms of taste and portion (great for sharing). This comes with seared diced sirloin beef in exciting chili sauce with pinto beans, Mexican rice, chips and salsa, authentic Mexican spices and hominy (processed dried maize kernels)- how authentic is that?


CHIMICHANGA- deep fried sirloin steak burrito

Just imagine a burrito as big as a man’s closed fist (really big), deep fried with gorgeously well-seasoned sirloin beef filling? The name of this dish “chimichanga” is very titillating by itself but upon tasting this gigantic authentic mexican dish it will immediately transport anyone to the heart of Mexican food. Chimichanga is one of the most popular Mexican dish that is usually served in taco trucks around the NYC or LA area very convenient too since one can have an entire Mexican meal in a big fried chimichanga in manila. 

Hermanos Specialty Burrito- the ALL MEAT CARNE ASADA BURITTO

This dish will truly excite people who are craving for flavorful Mexican food. Just by looking at it- the texture and play of colors are very pleasing to look at but once it hits the mouth the explosion of true Mexican flavors will deeply indulge any foodie. It comes with a huge serving of 10 ounces of pure quality sirloin beef steak that is secretly marinated (only the owners hold the secret marinate recipe) to perfectly deliver an awesome flavor. Topped with pico de gallo, sour cream and a generous cheese sauce flowing like lava for an ultimate gastronomical satisfaction- pure Mexican bliss!

Hermanos FISH TACOS- an instant favorite among its loyal patrons!

The exceptionally prepared famous hermanos fish tacos feature perfectly battered and deeply fried cream dory fish fillet. To make it more savory Hermanos added some fresh cabbage, lemon wedges and chips with salsa. The Fish Tacos in Hermanos is a highly sought after mexican food in manila that patrons are coming back for more and kids loved it too. 

CARNITAS BAKED BURRITO- the filling burrito for the hungry

Burritos are surely filling just right for hungry tummies. What makes this hermanos burrito stands out from the rest is its authentic Mexican taste. Carefully prepared with seasoned meat together with real Spanish rice, lettuce, pinto beans, cheese sauce, sour cream then perfectly baked in one satisfying burrito roll. This is one authentic mexican burrito in the philippines that all foodies should try.  

Hermanos Taco Shop MENUDO- the traditional Mexican Soup

When you think of menudo, tomato sauce will immediately cross your mind. This is how we Filipinos cook our menudo and we use pork as the main ingredient. But the real menudo is a traditional Mexican soup dish that utilizes beef stomach parts (tripe) in a rich red chili pepper soup base. The hermanos authentic mexican menudo in manila is probably one of its kind in the Philippines. Hermanos Mexican restaurant has kept it simple and yet adhered to the original recipe which originated in Mexico. This genuine menudo is somewhat on the spicy side but generally gratifying with its savory taste. Robust and yet refine with rustic Mexican true flavor. The authentic mexican menudo by Hermanos comes with the complete ensemble of spices and hominy then complemented with soft corn tortilla, fresh cilantro, Mexican oregano, diced onions and pepper flakes. 

Hermanos CHEESE Quesadilla
This is a good way to start or end any Mexican feast. Hermanos restaurant always uses freshly made tortilla wrap and the cheese quesadilla is no exception when it comes to good quality food and great taste. Comes with a double cheese filling of both melted Monterey Jack and cheddar partnered with fresh salsa on the side- yummy!

CINNAMON CRISP- the perfect way to cap off a Mexican meal

This one surprisingly sweet dessert can be totally addictive and Hermanos got it all in the bag. After a hefty Mexican feast the cinnamon crisp is a delightful treat- not too sweet even with the caramel sauce but is something you get to enjoy again and again. Each piece of good quality tortilla is deeply fried to a golden perfection- very crispy. Dusting it off with enough cinnamon powder that is not too empowering the result is a delightful dessert that you can only taste at Hermanos taco shop.

CHURROS ala Hermanos

There are so many churros shops or restaurants offering all sorts of churros but only in Hermanos that you can find perfectly cooked mexican churros. Most churros get soggy and tough afterwards but hermanos churros are far more different. Each piece has a hint of crispiness from the outside and a bit chewy but tender on the inside- simply divine!

More on Hermanos Taco Shop Mexican restaurant

After 5 steady years in operation with already 2 branches around the metro, Hermanos will soon open more stores to accommodate Pinoys craving for authentic mexican food in manila. Very soon a hermanos taco shop kiosk will rise inside the Ateneo grounds in Katipunan to serve the hungry students there.

Hermanos Taco Shop Mexican Restaurant is located #27 Granada, Valencia, 
Quezon City while the other branch is in Molito Commercial Complex in Alabang.  Operating hours is from 11am until 10PM except on Fridays and Saturdays which closes at 11pm.  For updates and to learn more about this authentic mexican restaurant in manila you can check them out on Hermanos Taco Shopofficial Facebook page and on Instagram @HermanosTacoShop.

Nos vemos en Hermanos Taco Shop!

See you all at Hermanos Taco Shop Mexican Restaurant in Q.C.!

NOTE: All photos are the sole ownership of the author. No content or portion should be reproduced, copied or duplicated in any manner without authorization.


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