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SAMWON: Affordable and Quality Appliances|Gadgets for Every Filipino

SAMWON your best choice for electronic gadgets and appliances

Samwon provides quality electronic gadgets and home appliances at budget friendly prices

Samwon perfectly epitomized their tagline “budget for your gadgets” when it comes to quality home appliances and dependable electronic gadgets. This over a decade company has been around in the market providing good quality electronic items and gadgets that benefited many Filipinos.

Today, samwon appliances have risen to the occasion by introducing budget friendly innovative electronic gadgets and household appliances that are part of Filipino lifestyle without breaking the bank. Samwon saw the need for the latest and high quality electronic items and appliances in the Philippines, and now provides us with perfect brand choices when quality and budget is concern.

The samwon home appliances range includes quality made electric fans, 2-in1 rice cookers, flat iron, washing machine, LED/LCD televisions, home entertainment sound and video systems, microphones, DVD players, small kitchen appliances and even automatic voltage regulators. All samwon products are made utilizing the highest manufacturing standards at very affordable prices.

SAMWON 2-in-1 Rice Cooker and Steamer

Industrial SAMWON Floor Electric Fan perfect for havy duty home use

SAMWON Flat Iron- quality made with safety thermal fuse
Dependable SAMWON Washig Machine

SAMWON LED TV quality made for the whole family to enjoy
SAMWON Portable DVD Player comes in various colors
SAMWON Auto Voltage Regulator- quality made and affordable

Samwon electronics also has a wide range of car and audio entertainment system within the X12 brand line in very affordable packages. The X12 car audio systems are at par with most popular brands in terms of audio fidelity and performance sans the high price. Having a god sound system in your car would create a pleasant ambience that is just perfect when cruising along the highway or navigating traffic on city roads.

For karaoke fans and music lover Samwon offers MICKLE/SAMWON microphones, professional audio systems, portable USB/radio players that provide superb sound quality without having to pay a fortune.

Samwon just introduced another innovation in terms of technology in portable speakers- waterproof bluetooth handy speaker that you can carry and use without ever worrying about getting this baby wet. Just perfect for summer outings and pool parties, the samwon portable waterproof speaker is handy and durable for a worry free sound enjoyment.

SAMWON Star Audio Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker- perfect for outdoor audio entertainment with reliable blootooth connectivity, quality water proof body and superb sound quality

In today’s economic situations most people are conscious about budgeting which ended them in buying inferior products. This is usually the case when you shop for the best home appliances and latest gadgets either you’ll pay more for the branded stuff or you’ll end up buying cheap and poorly made products. This is where SAMWON stands- they are able to combine affordability and quality through the products that they carry and distribute in the Philippines.

So if you are still looking for best deals on gadgets, home entertainment appliances, small kitchen appliances, sound equipment and car audio systems you must consider SAMWON electronics. Shop on Samwon online or check them out on retail stores nationwide. With samwon electronics you can be sure you’ll be getting high quality products without spending too much. Truly your BUDGET for YOUR GADGETS!!

For more details about Samwon check their facebook page and website

Samwon your budget for your gadgets!

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