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5 Reasons Why Boracay is the Best Beach in Asia

Traveler’s Choice Awards 2015: 
Boracay is still the best beach in the Philippines and Asia

Why I keep coming back to Boracay

“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.”
                                   ― Bram Stoker, Dracula

It is summer and the thought of being in a beach somewhere usually pops up into our mind. For me, the idea of planning a trip to Boracay is almost as natural as feeling the summer heat, I’ve been returning to this island paradise in Aklan for the nth time in a span of 25 years..oh boy I was barely a teen when I first set foot on this island and my feelings about Boracay hasn’t change a bit.  

Perfect Boracay sunset- a sight to behold 

With my constant travels to Boracay Aklan it allow me to witnessed changes that took place in a span of over two decades. The development went so fast and the city urban landscape is very imminent through massive constructions that are currently taking place, the proliferation of shops and fast-food chains, and the never ending plethora of new hotels in Boracay- which might spoil or can turn-off beach loving tourists in Boracay. 

Long and wide stretch of powdery white soft sandy beach of Boracay

But there are 5 reasons to visit boracay most especially when the world largest travel site Tripadvisor named Boracay as “The best beach in Asia 2015” the reasons are just plain and simple- Boracay still has its natural charms that can entice any type of beachcomber- whether traveling on a budget in Boracay, on a romantic getaway, or with family or friends, or just alone- the beauty of boracay is still enchanting. 

5 reasons Boracay is the best beach in Asia

1. Soft and Powdery Sands of Boracay
The sand on Boracay beach is still as pristine as it is some 20 years ago. I’ve been to other beaches in the Philippines but boracay white sand is the softest and the coolest. I love walking barefoot on these powdery white Boracay sands….

Cool and soft sand is awesome for barefooted leisure walks in Boracay

Sun is up come noon time but the sand and water is cool 

2. Cool, crystal clear blue water of Boracay
Another amazing reason to spend your summer vacation in Boracay is the crystal clear sky blue water of the sea. The boracay sea water is so clear that you can see the sand on your feet. Great thing that the people of this Aklan island has maintained the cleanliness in spite of the rising population and the non-stop development. 
If you plan to travel with kids in boracay you should not worry since the beach has a long stretch of even shallow waters and it is very clear and calm. I estimated that on low tide the shallow beach (3 feet deep) could stretch as far as 25 meters (or more) from the shore and there are no jelly fish or rocks here.

Taking an afternoon dip on the crystal clear sea water of Boracay

Nice day to enjoy the sea

3. Island vibe Boracay culture
One great characteristic of Boracay is the cozy and casual island vibe feel which can be experienced through its unique and laid back culture. This is just one of many reasons why expats and foreign travelers troop the island of boracay. I love the relaxed and care free lifestyle of the people who are familiar with Boracay or those who already surrendered to this island. I could freely run or walk through the 2km stretch of white sand boracay beach or I could simply chill and bask under the sun. 
And when night time falls the ambiance changes from the slow phase to upbeat vibrant tempo. The quiet restaurants by the shore are now supercharged with energy from live band music to acoustic guitar jamming, and from latin beat salsa dancing to pulsating electronic club beats playing. There are even fire dance performances and other added boracay attractions along the long stretch of beach and here I could take a leisure walk for 2 to 3 hours just to see what’s going on.

Chilling while waiting for some beer, tacos and sunset with some Reggae music on

Fire dancer in action

Nght life with live band on white sand beach- heaven!

One Love- Boracay! Bob Marley is very alive here....

Just resting under the coconut trees 

Majestic coconut trees (what a shot-took this while lying down)

4. Fun and exciting things to do in Boracay
With new places in boracay that are open to the public, come new fun activities and attractions that can be enjoyed by all types of visitors. From the high octane action of parasailing and paragliding to simple boating pleasures of island hopping- today, the possibilities are endless but it will all depends on your budget and travel objectives. I am done with boating, kayaking, caving, trekking, windsailing and snorkeling but what I love to do in Boracay is to just chill and that is what I am here for.

Rent a boat for a day and go island hopping

Parasailing over the Boracay ocean water

Superman and his buddy soaring high

Dare to take this ride? reverse bungy in Boracay

The ultimate in bungy jumping in Boracay

Explore marine life and the sea below on a transparent glass boat

Surpirised to see this along the shore walk path- new discoveries

Boracay has a lot of photo op and I just can't resist posing with these human statues

Get ready to explore Boracay at night- stroll for hours

 5. Diversities in Boracay
The biggest selling point of Boracay is its diversity not only with the various nationalities of tourists but also on travel considerations. The assortment of places to stay in boracay, things to buy, activities, entertainment and food in boracay is so diverse that anyone can just roam around without a plan and see what Boracay has in store for them. 
I have stayed in posh hotels, old style nipa hut cabanas and even had home style accommodations- there is always a place in Boracay to stay according to one’s budget and required level of comfort. But, I always prefer places along or near the shore since I want to be just steps away from where the action is.  
Foodies will have a grand time choosing the best places to eat in Boracay since there are so many to choose from. Aside from the usual fast food chains and restaurants from Manila, there are also local food joints that offer the freshest catch of the day. 
For those who love to shop, there are many local and familiar shops and even grocery stores in Boracay- whether you are buying some essentials or boracay souvenirs. And another thing, when I say diversity it means covering the whole spectrum of it- you can definitely relate to this once you arrive here. But of course you have to have an open mind to explore the many possibilities in Boracay.

Nooks and crannies in Boracay- just stroll around and explore

What? Yes, there are 2 branches of Mc.Donald's in Boracay

Posh Filipino restaurant "Pamana" along the shore- owned and operated by the Ongpauco clan (there is a picture of Heart with Chiz somewhere on the wall)

Breakfast courtesy of Tapa King

Midnight snack- the usual Pinoy favorites isaw and barbecue 

Another meal option for budget savvy Pinoys and guests- yummy and affordable food in Boracay

Yes- Johnny Rocket has invaded Boracay

Boracay restaurants in the D'Mall area- lots of restos here

Supermarket in Boracay

Island jewlery finds sold along the shore path way

Hand painted Boracay t-shirt unique souvenir item

BORACAY is still the best beach in Asia in spite of the annoying construction sites behind the shore, the ever persistent peddlers that are harassing tourists and the noise. This pristine boracay island beach is still worth visiting again and again.

Selfie at the best beach in the world- Boracay

 It’s the quiet solitude under the shade of a coconut tree, the leisure stroll along the lengthy white beach and a picturesque haven for the weary soul that makes Boracay the best beach in Asia, and still considered as one of the best islands around the world. Isn’t it time to (re)discover your own piece of paradise in the island of Boracay in Aklan?

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