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Now in Season Australia 2015: Australia’s Freshest Fruits Now in Manila

Reaping the benefits of eating fresh fruits from the land down under

We can all agree that eating fresh fruits has many health benefits. Fruits are often visible in dining tables at home or served as part of a balance healthy meal. Normally, people would just buy their fruits in supermarkets, fruit stands or groceries without thinking- where in the world these fruits came from or how these fruits were grown. These are very important questions to ask when buying fruits since people would want to get the most health benefits in eating fresh fruits.

Good thing that Now in Season Australia 2015 (a Victorian Government initiative project) through the Australian Embassy, addresses the demand in the Philippines and other parts of Asia for freshest and healthiest fruits sourced from reputable fruit farmers in Australia. This event as spearheaded by His Excellency Bill Tweddell (Australian Ambassador) was launched last April 14 at the Harbor Garden Deck Area of Sofitel Hotel Manila.

     Variety of Australian fruits on display

It was a lovely evening, with displays of fresh succulent fruits from Australia at an outdoor garden setting just beside the beautiful Manila Bay made this event extra special. As the cool gentle breeze brought in a more relaxed island vibe ambiance, the Ambassador was joined at the launch by industry representatives Jeffrey Scott (CEO, Australian Table Grape Association), John Moore (CEO, Summerfruit Australia), Olivia Tait (Market Development Manager, Apple & Pear Australia Limited), Hang Do (Trade and Investment Specialist, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Infrastructure) and Anthony Weymouth (Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade).

Mr. John Moore (CEO Summerfruit Australia or SAL), Mr. Weymouth, Mr. Jeffrey Scott (CEO- Australian Table Grape Association or ATGA) and Ms. Olivia Tait (Market Development Manager-Apple and Pear Australia Limited or APAL)

Mr. Anthony Weymouth (Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade Commission)

       Mr. Moore talks about Australia’s stonefruits

His Excellency Bill Tweddell (Australian Ambassador)

Ambassador Tweddell and Mr. Weymouth posing for the media

People from media and guests attentively listen as the Ambassador is giving his short message

With world-class high safety standards and innovations in produce tracking systems, ensure everyone that each batch of fruit came from a reputable farmer, packed perfectly and shipped accordingly to the Philippines. With the strict compliance to fruit farming, packing and shipping Filipinos would reap the most benefits from eating fresh fruits from Australia. This was emphasized at the event by Senior Trade Commissioner Weymouth.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet of grilled dishes which features the famous and yummiest Australian beef

Tasty cocktail made from fresh fruit-totally refreshing

Delicious desserts with bits and pieces of Australian fruits

Australia’s top rated chef Tim Hollands gave a hands-on cooking demonstration and showed clever ways on how to prepare dishes with fresh fruits such as stonefruits, pears, grapes and peaches. Spectators had a blast watching and learning how to incorporate Australian fruits in everyday practical cooking.

Chef Tim Hollands and graciously accepted my request for a photo with me

Chef Tim explains that cooking with fruits makes eating healthier food exciting and satisfying

Chef Tim lovingly seared slices of pear in butter- the aroma is appetizing

French Toast with Pears caramelized in butter then topped with almonds-yummy

Crepe with fresh Australian fruits topped with powdered sugar and a dash of cinnamon

The best fruits in the world

Australian Pears are very popular around the world and loved by many due to its succulent quality and premium taste. Pears from Australia are delicious and loaded with many nutritional benefits. Pears have high fiber content and low glycemic index which satisfy both craving and hunger in a healthy way.

Australian Peaches, Plums and Nectarines are consumed daily around the world and known to be produced utilizing the best practices in horticulture. These australian fruits have potent anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. High in potassium and a good source of dietary fiber perfect for healthy eating.

Australian Table Grapes are also commercially grown which come in 3 colors with varieties such as Crimson Seedless, Red Globe, Thompson Seedless (the green grapes), and Midnight Beauty. Quality grapes from Australia promote cardiovascular health due to high polyphenol content. Australian grapes are high in fiber and potassium which may prevent heart related disease and can control inflammation. 

Why choose fruits from Australia?
  • The perfect warm climate in Australia is conducive in producing the sweetest fruits with excellent nutritional value
  • Fruit industry in Australia adheres to strict horticulture practices ensuring the best environment for Australian fruits 
  • Exported fruits from Australia are backed up by traceability systems that record the farm where these fruits were sourced, packing company and all the way to shipping to the Philippines 
  • Proximity wise Australian fruits have a shorter shipping time with lower freight cost making it more available and affordable for the Filipino consumer
  • Australian fruits are more succulent, juicier and sweeter than others since these fruits are handled with utmost care ensuring the best quality that the Philippines can now enjoy.
Australian fruit basket with juiciest and healthiest fruits with barcoded labels as tracking system- thanks to Australian embassy for this wonderful gift

Where to buy Australian Fruits in the Philippines?

The freshest and healthiest Australian fruits such as grapes, pears, peaches and stonefruits in season are now available at Rustan’s Supermarket, Robinson’s Supermarket, Shopwise and S & R Membership Store. You still got the whole of month of May to savor the goodness of Australian fruits- Now in Season!

Mr. Scott visiting a supermarket which offers best Australian fruits

Learn more about the fruits in Australia by visiting these websites: Summerfruit Australia Limited (SAL), Australian Table Grape AssociationInc (ATGA)and Apple and Pear AustraliaLimited (APAL).

Special thanks to Ms. Sendin of Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) for the invitation. Grateful also for the lovely Australian fruit basket courtesy of Australian Embassy. Learn more about Australia by following them on their officialFacebook page- Australia in the Philippines.

Note: Photos and content are the sole ownership of the author therefore should not be copied or used in any form without consent.

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