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Summer Ready Body with Century Tuna

Century Tuna: Philippines' best tuna in can!
Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces who are ABS-olutely ready for summer! 

Four of the country’s hottest and most promising stars

 headline the country’s number 1 tuna’s newest campaign

where they show off their fit and healthy bodies and share secrets

 to an ABS-olutely delicious summer

Century Tuna is still the number one choice for many Filipinos.

The sun is at its peak and the beaches look more inviting than ever, but can you say that you’re ready for summer? Century Tuna, the country’s number 1 tuna, once again welcomes the hottest season of the year as it presents the country’s hottest and most promising stars as its newest batch of brand ambassadors.
Candid and beautiful Ms. Gelli Victor hosted this event.

Making the road to fitness more inspiring and more exciting, the company proudly presents not just one, but four stunning endorsers who represent some of the biggest names in the industry – Paulo Avelino, James Reid, Elmo Magalona and Jessy Mendiola.

“Century Tuna has been known not only for our line of products, but also for our vision of helping our consumers achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle,” says Greg Banzon, general manager of Century Pacific Food Corporation. “We believe that this powerful advocacy requires only the most influential ambassadors who can inspire others through their sexy bodies and healthy lifestyle. And so this year, we strengthen our campaign through with newest batch of endorsers who have also undergone stunning body transformations,” he added.
Century Tuna GM Mr. Greg Banzon has finally revealed the secret to having an ABS-olutely fabulous body. Pointing out the Century Tuna has all the goodness of Omega-3 that fights belly fat.
Century Tuna Group Product Manager Ms.Gela Gamboa

Rock hard abs of Paolo Avelino made possible through Century Tuna.

Known for his enviable bod, striking features and acting prowess is the Gawad Urian awardee Paulo Avelino. Paulo has been living an active lifestyle for years now to maintain his figure. In fact, the actor is engaged in numerous sports activities like badminton, rock climbing and jogging. “Being tapped as a century tuna endorser is overwhelming. Now that I am part of the body transformation campaign, I hope to become an inspiration to those who have often expressed admiration of my physique,” Paulo shared.
James Reid is happy showing off his abs.

Meanwhile, Filipino-Australian heartthrob James Reid finds this opportunity to be a sweet reward to his hard work to achieve his now toned figure: “I used to be thin and weak years ago – I even had asthma. But through swimming and gymnastics, and a healthy diet, I’ve become more buffed. I’m definitely proud of the new me.”

Elmo Magalona advocates healthy lifestyle.

Raring to make a name for himself in showbiz, Elmo Magalona ventured into acting, rapping, singing, and hosting. Over time, people also noticed his body’s remarkable transformation. At 20 years old, Elmo has already developed chiseled abs and very muscular arms through a customized workout and disciplined diet. “As the youngest in the bunch, I’d like to let people know that they can – and should – start early in their journey to a healthy body,” he shared.

Jessy Mendiola looks more appealing with her sexy abs.

The only lady in the batch is the beautiful actress who has captured the hearts of many with her angelic face and sexy body: Jessy Mendiola. Jessy has graced a lot of magazine covers and TV commercials, yet she finds something uniquely exciting about her century tuna experience: “I’m excited to show a different side of me: a grown-up Jessy who consciously takes care of her body through proper diet and exercise. Plus it’s always nice to endorse a product I truly love!”

Through the inspiring stories of Century Tuna’s newest faces Paulo, James, Elmo and Jessy, the country’s leading tuna brand aims to help more and more people understand that anybody can bring out the better versions of themselves and be ABS-solutely ready for summer.

The four new endorsers join long-time endorser Anne Curtis in promoting the ABS-solutely delicious Century Tuna as a brand that motivates people to aspire for a healthy body.” For all of them, there’s no other tuna!

Jessie Mendiola cannot contain her happiness realizing that she is one of the superbod Century Tuna endorser.

Century Tuna is also brewing something for all fitness enthusiasts and health buffs. They will be coming up with a special Century Tuna ABS Plan book very soon. This is in line with their objective of inspiring everyone to have a healthy  lifestyle not only during summer time but for life. This innovative fitness book will be filled with practical tips as well as techniques from notable fitness gurus and Century Tuna's nutrition team guiding readers on how to have a century tuna superbody.

NOTE: I managed to asked a question to the newest superbods Century Tuna endorsers
          - Do you follow a strict diet or do you count calories?
The four fit and healthy celebrities graciously gave out straight forward answers.

James Reid stated that he has no strict diet plan and being trained at an early age has made his food choices geared towards healthy food which Century Tuna can provide.

Elmo Magalona on the other hand said that he is not really into working out but he follows the 70-30% rule in order to get fit which is 70% diet or food choices and 30% on exercises. He also said that with Century Tuna he has various options since it is versatile and he enjoys having tuna pasta using the best tuna in can. He also added that once you developed the habit of eating healthy then you'll automatically crave for healthier food choices. 

Jessy Mendiola which is the only lady among the endorsers gave out a straight forward answer that she does not count calories but truly enjoys eating Century Tuna and one of her favorite dish is pasta drizzled with olive oil and topped with Century Tuna. She also added that when ever she could find time to exercise she will jump rope since she keep this fun exercising tool handy at all times.

Paolo Avelino candidly responded that he is not also conscious with calories but always find time to workout even while at work. With regards to dieting being a finicky eater who does not enjoy fatty foods since childhood, made him a natural healthy eater. He said that he always have a can of Century Tuna handy even when in outdoors. Physical workout for him is more of an outdoor sports activities than spending time in a gym.

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Yours truly cannot help but took a selfie with the 4 new endorsers of Century Tuna behind posing for the media.

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