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Kuya J Restaurant serves our favorite Filipino dishes 

Filipino comfort food at its finest

“Would it be so nice to share a feast of best familiar Filipino dishes with your loved ones especially when Kuya J lovingly prepares it?”

It’s one thing when a person cooks for you, but it’s another when Kuya does the cooking for you. Especially when you know he doesn’t do that often. These rare occasions with Kuya are often very special moments, and therefore times you shouldn’t miss. Just imagine Kuya preparing his delicious dishes for you all the time. You would definitely want to be present at every dinner or lunch, because each meal is special when you have your Kuya around.

That is the picture that you will always experience in the new restaurant in town, Kuya J.


Kuya J is a casual dining restaurant that offers great Filipino gastronomic delights using quality fresh ingredients which highlights the very best of Filipino cuisine, in a homey ambiance that welcomes you with the warmth and care of a loving brother.

Mr. Winglip Chang the CEO and president of Kuya J restaurant. And just like a dependable and loving Kuya, he is very much hands on in ensuring the smooth operation of the branches.
You can always count on Kuya J to adapt a regional food concept and add a different spin to each dish which caters to local diners. His signature dishes, namely Crispy Pata, Grilled Scallops, Lumpia Presko, Crispy Catfish and Tablea Coffee Flan are among the usual favorites of avid patrons of Kuya J.

Kuya J values meaningful bonds above anything else, which is why he serves delectable Filipino dishes in a comfortable homey atmosphere. The interiors feel a lot like Kuya’s room: the modern dining furniture, the warm lighting fixtures and the signature bookshelves filled with books of various topics. Once you step inside, you’ll be received with a wholehearted welcome from a good-natured staff. 

Kuya J promotes family gatherings around best filipino dishes, that’s why affordability is a must so that you can always enjoy good food anytime. Kuya J menu is super affordable that price will never be an issue providing everyone with best value for money dishes. You’ll even be surprised at how much you can feast on a limited budget. At Kuya J, there’s more fun for everyone.

  Kuja J bestseller Crispy Pata watch the video to see how tender it is.

Expect more from Kuya J as it gets bigger and closer to its market, with branches in Escario St., SM Cebu, SM Consolacion, SM Sta. Mesa, SM BF ParaƱaque, SM Marikina, SM Novaliches, SM Pasig and SM Bacolod plus many more branches to open soon all over the Philippines. You’re sure to enjoy Kuya’s presence and his delicious meals with every visit.

Kuya J CRISPY PATA perfectly seasoned and cooked well

Restaurant staff will gladly slice your whole crispy pata right in front of your eyes

You can easily take the meat off from the bone
Super yummy Kuya J Grilled Scallops oozing with garlicky butter and cheesy topping

Freshly grilled scallops from Cebu-up close and personal

Lumpia Presko is Kuya J's version of the usual fresh lumpia veggies but this time it has alfalfa sprouts with bits of crab meat, and veggies in a specially made malunggay wrapper

Refreshingly delicious Adobong Kangkong done the Kuya J way

Kuya J Sisig is properly cooked with perfect seasoning that brings out the goodness of this dish

So go and spend quality time with your loved ones and friends, especially when Kuya is around. It’s the familiar warm cozy feeling that would make your dining experience unforgettable only at kuya j restaurant. You should never pass up the chance to have the best Filipino dishes since Kuya J, ikaw na ang masarap!
Cool fresh ripe Mango Shake

Impressive local dessert Mango Pandan with spun brown sugar on top- yum yum

Grab the long spoon and stir in the spun sugar for a delicious texture and satisfying taste

What a sweet way to end the best Filipino feast with Kuya J's yummy Tablea Coffee Flan

NOTES: You can go ahead and grab a book from Kuya's shelves after all Kuya J wants you to feel right at home. Kuya J Restaurant is the perfect place for good comfort and spend some precious moments with friends and family.

Follow Kuya J on facebook to know more about the latest happenings and updates.

Disclaimer: Lavishly Parsimonious owns all photos and video uploaded in this blog post and therefore should not be copied or used by anyone.

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