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Unboxing BDJ’s January/February 2015 KAWAII Edition| Beauty Essentials All in the BDJ Box

YES to January/February BDJ beauty box!

Mandom Corporation makers of quality beauty products from Japan brings to us the first BDJ box of the 2015

Hontoni kawaii desu!

I just love BDJ and the concept of bringing beauty and confidence to its members and the public. Whether I am attending a BDJ beauty fair or receiving their monthly boxes the excitement of what’s in store for me is far more intense. Just like this initial BDJ box offering for 2015 which had kept me waiting for over a month made me guessing- will I love what’s inside, will I use the products on the box? And my answer is an extreme YES!

This is the package I received yesterday. Can’t wait to open it!

Surprise! Surprise! Upon seeing the box slider cover with KAWAII on it I am pretty sure it’s one of Japan’s top beauty products from my favorite personal product manufacturer Mandom company. I am quite familiar with Mandom’s range of grooming products and now japan makeup since I once lived in Tokyo.

OMG! Here is a quick look on what's inside the BDJ January February 2015 box.

Lining up my beauty haul courtesy of Mandom Corporation via BDJ Jan. Feb. 2015 beauty box. All 8 must have beauty products that will surely work wonders on my face and hair...lovely set! It also include a Mandom beauty catalog with lots of beauty tips too.

Stubborn make-up gone in a second! One of Mandom's great quality product is BIFESTA Cleansing Lotion. This is the full size standing tall at 300ml. I am using this since I learned the beauty of  having mascara on my thin lashes and makeup too. It is really disappointing for make-up users not to be able to easily remove make-up most specially mascara, eyeshadow and even liner. Bifesta by Mandom is the easiest way to remove makeup without the sting and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed too. Just love it! This retail at stores at Php419. So happy I have this on my BDJ box- what a great find.

Now, another great beauty must have is the SUNKILLER Super lasting Base at 30ml. One full size of tinted Japanese make-up base with SPF50 too. What's good about sunkiller tint makeup base is- it is much better than bb or cc or even dd cream that most women use today. The formulation is gentle and yet effective in blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun, it provides moisture and protection from pollutants plus the natural tint spread evenly across the skin giving a luminescent youthful glow. Just love it to the max! Retails at Php495.

Having a good face foundation is essential to keep your look sleek and the PIXY Coverlast at 10 grams is just perfect since it has the advanced microsphere powder formulation. It covers evenly keeping blemishes and spots away plus effective UV defense. Value for money that retails for Php325.

Sometimes we need full coverage when it comes to perfectly set makeup. The PIXY Two Way Cake Fit is the perfect one for this job. It can be used either dry or wet depending on your makeup requirement. It has whitening squalene oil that prevents dryness and SPF15 for sun protection. A sure winner at only Php275.

I am not a fan of putting on blush on since I had used some blush-on powder before but it only irritated my skin and so unnatural. But when I saw the PIXY Blush On at 3.5grams and realizing it is made by Mandom Japan then I immediately intend to use it. It glides out smoothly leaving a soft rosy innocent glow in my cheeks- feeling a teenage blush once more this time with feelings. Retails at Php345 which is a real steal!

Gorgeous eyes means having a good quality eyeshadow. The PIXY Eye Shadow at 2.8grams is formulated in micro-pearl that creates soft texture which blends easily on the eyelids. Retails at Php315.

AND wait- there's more! Got something for fab hair days too! LUCIDO-L Treatment Oil Perm 50ml is perfect for all ladies with either permed or color treated hair. This is an overnight intensive hair treatment that keeps the hair healthy and soft. While the LUCIDO-L Styling Milk Curl 70ml. has hyaluronic acid that keeps hair moisture in preventing dull and dry hair. Great news for all of us- no more bad hair days. Both retails at Php295.

CONCLUSION: I therefore conclude that the BDJ January February box for 2015 is one beauty box that is hard to beat. With quality Mandom beauty and hair products inside this box is a real steal and worth all the wait.

I will be posting soon my reviews and revelations on this box. So ladies keep the BDJ boxes coming!

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