Thursday, February 12

Transform into an Alpha male with new ALFA-1 Men's Care from Personal Collection

Personal Collection ALFA-1: The most advanced body, skin and hair care products for men in the market today

Time to be the ALFA male....

  There is always one man who stands out. He is someone who carries himself with confidence and ease and exudes masculinity, dominance and power. Call him a man's man or a lady's man, this individual can be spotted even in a crowded room or when with his peers. He is the Alpha male. However, not every man is worthy of the title. It takes more than good looks and a toned body to lead the pack.

Albie Casino is the perfect endorser for Alfa-1

Personal Collection, one of the biggest direct selling companies in the country, developed ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care, a personal care product line made for men. ALFA-1 is designed to transform ordinary men into confident males -- ALFA males.

It is also important that men use products specifically formulated for them. The reason behind this is that guys have thicker, tougher skin than women. This is due to higher levels of testosterone and larger amounts of collagen and elastin. Men also tend to have larger pores and oilier skin, that's why they should use products such as ALFA-1 made especially for their needs.

The ALFA-1 best men's care products are all reasonably priced. Quality and best value for money.

ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care has CoolActiv Technology, a unique formulation that gives a superior overall clean, a fresh scent proven desirable by 9 out of 10 women, and an extremely cool after-feel—making it perfect for the ALFA male.

The ALFA-1 Whitening Series has pTerowhite, a powerful whitening ingredient that is 100x better than Kojic Acid in inhibiting melanin production, thus making skin look brighter in just 2 weeks.

The ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care product line includes ALFA-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, ALFA-1 Whitening + Scrub Face Wash, ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap, ALFA-1 Whitening + Protection Body Lotion, and ALFA-1 Deodorant Body Spray.


To complete your ALFA male transformation, follow the 5-Step ALFA-1 Regimen:

Step 1: Remove dandruff with ALFA-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Step 2: Control oil and brighten skin with ALFA-1 Whitening + Scrub Face Wash.

Step 3: Cleanse and be 99.99% germ-free with ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap.

Step 4: Whiten and protect skin with ALFA-1 Whitening + Protection Body Lotion.

Step 5: Stay fresh and neutralize odor with ALFA-1 Deodorant Body Spray.

Carrying yourself with confidence and ease, always looking your best and making ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care a part of your daily regimen will complete your alpha male transformation. Take the ALFA-1 challenge now!

ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care products are available through Personal Collection dealers.

Interested parties may also drop by any Personal Collection branch, call their hotlines at 376-6888 local 204 / 0917-562-7332 or visit Follow Personal Collection on Facebook, Twitter (@pcdsiofficial) and Instagram (@pcdsiofficial).
NOTE: I am a Personal Collection dealer and a loyal consumer of Personal Collection products. I could attest to the consistent product quality of PC products according to my own personal experience.

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