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Dining Trends on Valentine’s Day| Zomato Valentine's Day Infographic

Foodie trivia during the Valentine’s week

Zomato trending this Valentine’s

We all can agree that we all need food to live. But for many of us who developed a love affair with food, the ability to search for the best places to eat in Manila and spending some gastronomical experience with our beloved is a pure simple joy that we can treasure.

Valentine’s is a special day celebrating love all over the world and ZOMATO Manila came up with Valentine's Day Special Collection that gathers the best dining options for all lovers, family and friends to enjoy this season of loving. 

Zomato created a simple infographic to help you navigate the endless romantic possibilities in a number of metros around the world. Valentine’s Day isn't just for lovers, but also for all the people we love most and of course for the love of food.

What better than finding that one person (friend, lover, and confidant) who loves food like you do, to accompany you for that perfect dessert, dinner and drinks this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest day for dining out, trumping popular nights out such as New Years. The highest traffic day on ZOMATO during Valentine’s day is 61% higher than any other day in the year. Which goes out to point that people found pleasure through good food when shared with loved ones.
Across the world, Zomato found that different timings work well for people to meet on Valentine’s. Couples in most places (Delhi, Manila, Dubai, Auckland and London) prefer to go for an evening meal or dinner on Valentine's except for Johannesburg where lunchtime traffic shows a spike.

Did you know that women search for more romantic places to dine at as compared to men on Valentine’s Day? Women do tend to like Valentine’s Day, at least a little bit more than men. Quite on the contrary to what many people would assume, women were found to be much more active on our Valentine's day special collection - female users comprising 61% of the total visits to this collection during the Valentine’s week.

In most cases, zomato women users dominated the male user base in Valentine’s special collection too. Trends also show that women, on the average, viewed restaurants priced 32% higher than those looked up by the male user base. Love, it turns out, doesn't just require warmer hearts. It requires deeper pockets too.

So, this February 14th, invest in people who will feed you as much goodness as you do them. Happy Valentine's Day and see you around in the best places to eat in Zomato.

Bonne Saint Valentin mon amour, bon appetit!!!

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