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Perfume Dessert London: The Art of Smelling Good All the Time

I admit, I am guilty when it comes to being OC about how I smell. I take EXTRA EFFORT to smell good all the time especially when I am out covering media events, hosting celebrations and even during meetings.

If you’re gonna check what’s in my purse/handbag you’ll see that I have a body mist, a bottle of perfume, perfumed hand lotion and perfume oil. Yeah, I am kinda obsessed in always smelling good, but do I need all those products? Of course, I DON’T!!! Because, I am already happy and contented with PERFUME DESSERT!

PERFUME DESSERT is an amazing ‘pure’ perfume in cute bottles that has genuine perfume oils! The variants they have smell so good and I love them all!

Why I Love Perfume Dessert

1. Premium Quality. Each perfume dessert scent is carefully formulated with the best ingredients that is 20 to 30% made from concentrated perfume oils. Categorized as an eau de parfum, Perfume Dessert is quality made in UK under strict standards. No fakes here- no imitations! Guaranteed made from United Kingdom!

2. Fragrance That Last. Because, Perfume Dessert is made from finest ingredients and under strict manufacturing standards, I am sure what I am using and wearing on my body is of premium quality. An eau de parfum of this caliber, provides me a sweet scent that last throughout my busy day.

3. Feel Good Instantly. What else does a good perfume can do for me? It instantly uplifts my spirits! Sweet smelling perfumes such as Perfume Dessert has the power of pheromones. Which means that it naturally makes me feel attractive and pleasant to everyone. With the kind of work that I am in, perfume dessert perfumes are a necessity when it comes to smelling great even at the most challenging situations.

4. Affordable Expensive Perfume Scents. Surprisingly, Perfume Dessert products are very cheap considering the premium quality it offers. Gone are my days of spending much just to smell sweet and good. I am glad to announce that each bottle of perfume dessert is only 280 pesos.

5. Beautifully Packaged. Another thing that I love about Perfume Dessert is how they innovatively packaged each bottle. Aesthetically speaking, the tubular box that contains the perfume dessert bottle is very appealing and the way it was bottled is very elegant but behind the art there is science. Yes! The 30ml bottle of perfume dessert is crimped retaining its original quality while protecting it from diffusing and leakage. Concentrated perfumes like Perfume Dessert is sensitive to humidity change as well as temperatures. The bottle is designed to safely preserve the fragrance and using a glass bottle is ideal for real perfumes. The clever tube box packaging provides another level of protection in maintaining the quality of the perfume and keeping it safe for breakage and spoilage. And it is perfect as gifts because of its elegant appeal.

My Fave Scents: Perfume Dessert Review

Since my last stash of perfume dessert bottles were all consumed, I decided to try new scents and grab a hold on my all-time faves too.

My go to perfume dessert scents are PD Cotton Candy and PD Raspberry Smoothie. I love the sweet smell of raspberry that engulfs me with feeling of sweet seduction. Same level of sweetness from cotton candy makes me feel so girly and youthful! Sweet and yet very empowering for a woman like me.

I also have a thing with Pina Colada even if it is marketed for men but hell no- I love the gentle masculine scent on me that’s quite invigorating. While the Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream scent is perfect for an intimate dinner date. The Peach Bourbon smells yummilicious on me and this is the scent for me when I got out and party.

The key things I love about Perfume Dessert are the scents they carry are unique, quality made from genuine imported perfume oils from London. It last longer and stays fresh just like the moment I sprayed it on.  The fact that perfume dessert product line is affordable, I could have the scents that will match my mood no matter what it is- wow!

Should you buy it? YES, please indulge in the gourmand perfumery line of PERFUME DESSERT. Be yummilcious all day and make a statement that leaves everyone breathless! Sweet!

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