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4th Nailaholics National Pampering Day: Saving one sea at a time!

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”
-Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

SEA- a valuable source of life for all living creatures of this planet. This is how I personally feel about what sea is to me. I am not an expert swimmer, but I found solace amidst the calming waters of the sea. It revitalizes me and keeps on reminding me that every life is precious here on earth and that we owe it to the sea as the biggest natural resource of the planet.

With about 70% of Earth’s surface is made of oceans, we all realized that the ecological marine flora and fauna is a significant part of our planet. We know that oceans are vital for our survival but somehow it is now extremely fragile and would need our help. Our seas are crying out for help and signs of destruction are obvious for us not to take part in saving our seas…. And this is where NAILAHOLICS is making stand!


The nation’s undisputed pioneer in bringing specialized nail salons and spa outlets NAILAHOLICS, is conducting its annual event which is the NATIONAL PAMPERING DAY. This is now running on its 4th year and it will serve as a vehicle that will highlight environmental awareness particularly in saving the Philippine seas while promoting self-love or self-pampering.

SAVE the DATE on October 17, 2019, from 10:00am to 1:00pm, all Nailaholics branches nationwide will be generously giving FREE SERVICES to its customers who would make a Php50 donation to its cause. Participants may avail of a FREE Manicure, Foot spa, or Foot massage with every donation, where all the proceeds will go to its partner beneficiary, Save Philippine Seas Organization.

This year we want to go beyond the usual discounted promotions we give to our clients. This year is all about encouraging our new and loyal customers alike, to engage in this more meaningful act of self-care – a self-care that saves. Contrary to the common perception, caring for oneself is not a selfish act. And we want our customers to feel that while they take care of their own bodies and prioritize their well-being, they can also simultaneously value our environment and summon changes in our lifestyle to protect the planet.” passionately claimed by Ms. Abby Borja, Head of Marketing of R2 Group of Exclusive Brands, Inc.  

It is more fitting to employ kindness to oneself and equate that with genuine care for our Mother Earth. You see our planet provides us with everything we need, and it is just right to give something back. This is what Nailaholics’ advocacy for this year’s National Pampering Day is all about.

Nailaholics Raffle Promo Alert for National Pampering Day

LET’S MAKE WAVES. True to its advocasea, NAILAHOLICS has taken the national pampering day event to a different level. The approach now is holistic with emphasis of giving back to Mother Nature while echoing the need for self-care. This time Nailaholics is diving into action literally.

Participants of the National Pampering Day will qualify for a special raffle promo wherein one lucky donor will win an all-expense paid trip to Siargao which is recognized as the Best Island in the World that adheres to respect eco-tourism.

One lucky winner and a companion will get to enjoy the splendor of the marine life in Siargao Island while able to join a valuable beach clean-up program led by S.E.A. Movement and experience volunteering at Siargao Art Recycling Studio.

Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago with over 7,100 islands. And, we Filipinos depend on the sea for livelihood, tourism and economy basically most of our lives. With profound understanding why our Philippine seas are valuable to us, it is only essential for us to practice environmental conservation conscientiously – in all ways possible.

SEAS THE DAY and be pampered!
Nailaholic, time to take action! On its 4th year, Nailaholics vows to pamper YOU on October 17 while inviting you to take active participation in this advocasea that will reaffirm your love for our Mother Earth.

You see we only have one Earth, our planet, our home. And when you choose yourself, you are making the right decision. That’s self-love that saves and gives back!

Wave on, be one with nature, one sea at a time!

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  1. This is a great event by Nailaholics, and I look forward to joining this great cause every year. :)

  2. I commend Nailaholics for this noble cause. I'll join in on October 17th.

  3. This is a nice advocacy and a way to really push us to give our nails and ourselves a nice treat.

  4. I want to join on the 17th! Such a great advocacy :)


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