Thursday, March 14

FACEBOOK DOWN right now on a global scale

(updated after 5 hours of Facebook down)
Is Facebook down right now?
Why FACEBOOK is down right now?

What is going on? In some parts of the world, in major key cities, this time of the day is the busiest when it comes to social media interactions among users.

Facebook is down so thus Instagram and WhatsApp. That’s why netizens took to Twitter to share updates on these social apps.

According to, Facebook went down around 12PM EDT. The worldwide outage  started somewhere around 11:30AM EDT. The live map showed Facebook down in various parts of world including Asia, Europe and US.

Facebook and Instagram users naturally arrived on Twitter posting and getting updates about the apps. Facebook is partly accessible, but users cannot post any update and the page would not load or refresh. It shows a message saying that “something’s gone wrong” and that it will get fixed soon.

Latest update from FACEBOOK TWITTER:

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