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1st Maxicare Veggie Fest 2019 Highlights Living and Eating Healthy

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 

Unhealthy diet is associated with many health issues. Being overweight as well as having a sedentary lifestyle predisposes us to certain types of diseases and it can negatively impact our daily living.

Good thing that Maxicare Healthcare has come up with an idea to promote and raise awareness on eating healthy through the recent MAXICARE VEGGIE FEST held last March 15 at Legaspi Active Park in Makati City.

Enjoying my time at park while learning about plant-based food and products at the recent #MaxicareVeggieFest2019

The Veggie Fest 2019 is the first public expo that Maxicare hosted with the intention of promoting health and wellness. Headed by Maxicare Health Corp. CEO and president Mr. Sean Argos, this event focused on living healthy through plant-based products. 

Well attended by the health conscious people, booths from various exhibitors presented products that are totally vegan that range from food items, cooked dishes, natural supplements, skincare and fresh produce.

Plant-based VEGAN products at the Veggie Fest 2019 expo

The recent Maxicare Veggie Fest also presented valuable talks from the experts and advocates of healthy lifestyle. Topics ranging from aging gracefully, lifestyle changes were discussed in an in-depth approach which also included a cooking demo.

Yummy baked goodies ALL VEGAN from Jerties Kitchen- I personally love the chocolate cake.

Vegan coffee anyone? HEAL T-Foods is one of the exhibitors and the gentleman manning their booth is a good friend of mine and a chef who specializes in healthy cooking Merck “Punk” Alvarez. They also offer vegan products.

Topics covered at the Veggie Fest 2019 were “Aging Gracefully” by May Manahan-Lagdameo and Dr. Willie Lagdameo of Health & Wellness Coaches Philippines, Inc., “Holistic Healing for Wholesome Living” presented by yoga master Donna Francisco, “Local Native Plant-Based Eating with Mesa ni Misis” by Juana Manahan-Yupangco, “Lifestyle Medicine” by Dr. Johann Manez, “Skin Food—Understanding the Right Food for Beautiful Skin by Dr. Kathy Amurao-Herrera and “Guilt Free and Gluten Free Dessert” by Jertie Abergas of Jerties Kitchen who was also an exhibitor (I swear their vegan chocolate cake is sinfully addicting but guilt free).

Plant-based VEGAN products at the Veggie Fest 2019 expo


Maxicare Philippines offers health care protection but with their desire to help Filipinos achieve a healthy lifestyle they are now compelled to be proactive through various campaigns and initiatives. So better watch out for upcoming Maxicare events and expo.


It’s a good idea to follow MAXICARE on Facebook and get valuable tips on healthy lifestyle and learn more about their products and services.

Thank you so much MAXICARE HEALTHCARE Corporation for providing me insights on eating and living healthier. Can’t wait for your next expo.

#Maxicare #VeggieFest2019

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