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Edu and Luis Manzano for Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal

When it comes to pizza it has always been Shakey’s! I have fond memories of Shakey’s while growing up and it has been our family’s favorite ever since. Imagine this world’s greatest pizza parlor has been in the Philippines since 1974- wow!! That’s 43 years of pizza goodness and more.

Now enter 2018, many things have changed, but Shakey’s has been consistent in providing the best pizzas, chicken & mojos, salads and pastas all these years and one amazing promo would make 2018 a lucky year for all of us.

What is Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal?

  • 2 Large Thin Crust Pizzas
  • 2 Pasta platters
  • 10 pieces Chicken ‘n’ Mojos
  • 10 pieces Mozzarella sticks
  • Salad platter
  • 2 Ice Tea pitchers

all for Php 2018!!!

(savings 2063 pesos)

Shakey’s #LUCKY2018 Meal Deal with Edu and Luis

I definitely started the year right with Edu and Luis when Shakey’s introduced the epic meal deal of the year. In a media launch held last January 10 at the classy Shakey’s Magallanes, Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio was very excited to introduced the father and son tandem as the perfect ambassadors for Shakey’s this 2018.


Edu and Luis embody the brand in every way, which is why we are excited to welcome them into the Shakey's family this 2018," as shared by Shakey’s CEO. “Guests will surely be lucky with this meal deal, since Shakey’s is centered on exceeding their expectations. Each year, it has become a tradition for Shakey’s to offer something more fun and family-friendly with our meal deals, and this 2018 is no different as we present the 2018 Meal Deal,” he further explained.

Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio

Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal media launch

Shakey’s clearly started the year right with the lucky 2018 meal deal promo and Edu and Luis Manzano are the perfect duo to represent the brand that’s been loved by Filipino families for over four decades now. The celebrity father and son tandem is genuinely passionate about Shakey’s that even Luis revealed that he can finish a whole large pizza by himself.

Luis said “I am a big fan of the brand. I Tweet about it and constantly order pizza when I’m home or at work,”. He also added “Aside from that, I get to work with my dad, which makes it a lot more special”.

As for Edu Manzano- “Since way back, Shakey’s has been a staple whenever there are family get-togethers and whatnot. I’m really glad and honored to be part of the Shakey’s family.”

Achieve luck this 2018 whether with family, friends or by your lonesome, Shakey’s is always here to satisfy cravings and make each bonding moment truly remarkable.

                            I am super lucky at SHAKEY'S!!!!

Enjoy the Shakey’s #LUCKY2018 Meal Deal because you deserve the very best this year. Happy New Year!!!

Learn more about Shakey’s 2018 Meal Deal by visiting their website at and like Shakey’s on Facebook 
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