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10th FART Anniversary: A Whimsical Farty that Celebrates Fashion and Art

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." —Rachel Zoe

FART! Yes, I know while most people will make faces or perhaps frown in disgust, I on the other hand will smile with exuberant excitement.

FART is somewhat a neologism of two combined words fashion+art. FART is a brainchild of two beautiful, fashionable and artsy sisters Happy and Viva Andrada. 

Happy Andrada

Viva Andrada

Happy is a recognized fashion designer who already proven her creativity in the international fashion scene. While Viva has a knack for writing, events management, hosting and has a flair in baking- she makes yummy cakes too. 

FART is a brand of fashion that goes beyond the traditional realms. FART exudes pop-culture with some kind of spunk that can be describe in many words- funky, unusual, out of the box, eclectic, vibrant, hip but at the same time elegant. How’s that for a brand? I myself too was blown away when I stepped inside their fashion house. 

Love the red, white and black combinations but most specially the unique design aspects. Wish to take this home with me.

This Happy Andrada skirt is made of rooster feather. Wow- love it.

Happy Andrada amazing design details. This cover-up coat is fit for a queen.


Happy Andrada wedding gown collection highlights excellent craftsmanship at par with global haute couture.

Filipino inspired dresses by Happy Andrada.

What’s amazing is that FART is able to collate pieces of fashionable artsy accessories which match the ‘haute couture’ Fart clothing line. And when I say haute couture- they have one-of-kind clothes that are worthy of sashaying on red carpet events or if a lady simply want to look ravishingly elegant.

FARTING at the FARTY. Trying out one of my favorites among Happy Andrada’s masterpieces. Can’t help but make those so called ‘editorial poses’. Just having a blast at the farty.

clippings from many publications (magazines, newspapers) featuring Viva & Happy Andrada adorned the wall section on the staircase

Quirky designs but very elegant. Happy is not the conventional fashion designer that leans toward the ordinary. Her creations are all unique, mind blowing and hip. FART showcases her life with awesome collection of clothes from casual dresses, cocktail dresses to one-of-a-kind wedding gowns. What basically you see at the Fashion+ Art store/shop is a reflection of the Andrada sisters (Happy & Viva) taste in fashion, culture and life.

 POP Culture is so alive at FART!

Personally, I could go on and on describing the things that I love about FART but let me give you a peek at what transpired at the 10th year anniversary celebration of Fart.
It’s FARTY time- celebrating 10 wonderful FART years!

The date is already engraved on my brain- June 10, 2017 when FART fashion+art celebrated their 10th year anniversary. What can you expect from a brand the breathes and lives cool fashion- a lifestyle that embraces both pop culture and haute culture. The FARTY went as elegantly as possible. Period.

From the way the party buffet table was spread to the hip live entertainment, each piece, each set was chosen to highlight the brand’s character.

On the buffet table at Fart and Fashion celebration, a myriad of different cheeses, choice cold cuts, biscuits, fresh fruits, cookies, pates, cakes, breads and hors d'oeuvre looks mesmerizingly unreal at a distant. Your first impression would be- is this for real? Everything on the table look so elegant to eat. 


Stayed for a while at the dessert station where everything looks yummy.
The food was laid out in such a way that it is fitting for a member of the any royal family and I was so honored to partake of this artsy banquet. Everything tasted so good just like how elegant the food appeared to be. Not to mention the tasty wines they served that evening which really heightened the somewhat surreal experience.

A photo booth was set at the second floor of FART Shop and guests enjoyed their moment in front of the camera. There was also a short GIF video available. Love the photos from this company and t will constantly remind me of this elegant and memorable event.

After the banquet, at the ground level several performers rendered cool songs where everyone could just groove along- I myself can’t help but dance when I heard some cool ethnic tunes. There were poets too and a stand-up comedian who even made the evening more lively.

The FART 10th year celebration is a memorable event that I love to recall from time to time. Many happy years ahead FART!

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