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Be Inspired at the Art Karnival in SM North Edsa Skygarden

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” -Pablo Picasso


yours truly at the Art Karnival grand opening last April 21

Art is seen in almost everywhere that we go. It’s in our innate ability to appreciate art when it catches our fancy. Good thing that SM Malls took the initiative to heighten the senses of mall going Filipinos by promoting art that we can all appreciate in our daily hustle and bustle even if we are just passing through SM’s largest mall which is SM City North Edsa where summer is more creative with the ongoing ART KARNIVAL.

If you happen to pass by at the Skygarden of SM North Edsa better take a good look around and you’ll be surprise to see interesting works of art.

Art Karnival entrance arch by Tyang

Last April 21, 2017 through an invitation by SM Malls, I was able to attend the opening of SM North Edsa Art Karnival. I can say that I was truly blessed to take part in this exciting and worthy event as one of the media partners of SM. 

Gaby dela Merced of Vinyl on Vinyl at the Art Karnival opening

Held at the Skygarden on one sunny afternoon, the Art Karnival exhibit opening signals a significant event that could radically change the perception of the mall going Filipinos about modern art.

Reese Lansangan serenading everyone at the Art Karnival

SM City North Edsa kicks off this summer with Art Karnival which is an interactive and fun exhibit that engages people from all walks of life to experience art firsthand. 

Humands Mural by Blic

Water Creature by VOV Studio

SM City North Edsa thought of something unique with fun ideas and activities for the mall goers this summer through a voyage of discovery of the visual arts. 

3D Interactive Panel by Jeffrey Jay Jarin

Through a partnership with Vinyl on Vinyl (VOV) which is one of Manila’s hippest contemporary art galleries, SM City North Edsa shows support to young and upcoming visual artists such as Anjo Bolarda, Bato, Blic, Garapata, Jeffrey Jay Jarin, Tyang Karyel, VV Studio and Whooop. This out-of-the-box concept aims to stir-up a different level of appreciation of modern art.

Contemporary Art Panel by Whooop featuring his favorite pet dog

Viva Manilena's impressive art work

Each art piece is carefully selected and placed strategically in locations around the Skygarden blending in perfectly with the surrounding areas while providing a striking and refreshing visual sensory experience for the mallgoers.

Artist Bench by Tyang- funky and colorful work of art

Along the Skygarden path art installations pop out to delight and inspire passersby therefore giving them a feeling of appreciation of the garden area.

around the Skygarden you'll find miniature display- look for it!

If you are a frequent visitor of SM City North Edsa why not stroll around Skygarden and see unique art installations that will captivate your imagination. 

great opportunity to finally meet and chat with Gaby dela Merced of Vinyl on Vinyl- she is an inspiration especially for the young woman of today

Vinyl On Vinyl gallery is co-owned by Gaby dela Merced whose primary objective is to raise awareness on modern day pop culture through visual arts, toys and music by tapping on talented young Filipino artists while featuring other popular works from the international art scene. Gaby is the very first Filpina to compete in the Asian Formula 3 circuit. Vinyl on Vinyl provides a venue for exploratory art that goes beyond the norms.  Visit and follow them Vinyl On Vinyl on Facebook for updates.

 Art Karnival SM City North schedule of activities- everyone is invited to join and come appreciate art at the Skygarden


       Take a glimpse of what Art Karnival is all about through this video


The Art Karnival exhibit will run from April 21 to June 12, 2017 thanks to Vinyl on Vinyl for adding inspirational art at the Skygarden.

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