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Contours PH: Sleek and Sexy Aiko Melendez Ready for Summer

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror”
-Khalil Gibran

Have you seen Aiko Melendez lately? I am sure you did. She is very much in the limelight now since her role as Gov. Emelia in the primetime Kapamilya soap opera “Wildflower” has created a buzz that highlights Aiko’s acting prowess and of course her beauty.

For several years now, Aiko Melendez is very open with her struggles with being overweight. She is very candid in saying that she got harsh stares and unkind remarks about how big she is. What’s good about all these is that Aiko Melendez was compelled to challenge herself and now feel so motivated to get fit and healthy.


With her profound determination to reach her fitness goals and with the right kind of help, Aiko Melendez was able to motivate herself, pushed herself into the limits and continue to strive hard to achieve her goals whether in her personal life, career wise or health goals.

Dr. Claudine Roura- Medical Director of Contours Face and Body Sculpting Institute

When it comes to Aiko’s skin, face and body needs she turns to only one clinic, which is Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute by Dr. Claudine Roura- an expert in the field of beauty with certifications from abroad. Dr. Claudine is also the medical director of Contours.

Aiko Melendez fulfilling her body goals through Contours

We all know that losing weight is never easy especially if your lifestyle entails a lot of socializing like the top-grade actress Aiko Melendez. She was determined to lose those unwanted pounds and she just did that but the struggle to get that shapely body back is very real.

You see, the challenge after losing weight is how to get the figure that is appealing to our body type. Aiko Melendez made the best move to get back in shape when she collaborated with Contours and Dr. Claudine.  Contours does a lot in terms of reshaping, sculpturing as firming the flabs on different parts of the body through exclusive treatments that are safe and effective.

Never stop and start by choosing what you eat and decide to be active whatever it takes. While diet and exercise are foolproof anti-aging formula, a little help won’t also hurt especially if you know you’re in a well-trained hand of a certified professional. You know, maintaining is the hardest part but with determination and discipline, nothing is impossible” as Aiko Melendez eagerly shared during the media launch for Contours.

Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute can significantly help in getting the body form that you desire 

Aiko Melendez now is the epitome of a confident and sexy woman. Being in her early forties, she already proven that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind into something just like her journey to weight loss and getting back in shape. It may not be that easy for her since it entailed discipline and hard work. A combination of balance diet, regular exercise and lifestyle changes kept Aiko’s on her road to fitness plus with the professional care coming from Contours she is now a living testament that anything is possible.

Known as the Philippine’s VASER LIPOSCULPTURE expert, Dr. Claudine of Contours is very proud in presenting her masterpiece by working with the actress’ body sculpting needs through various effective procedures.Aiko Melendez is the newest face/endorser for Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute.

At the recent Contours media launch held last March 14 at the Marriot Manila Hotel, everyone was flabbergasted to see Aiko Melendez in her sexiest form after years of being overweight. It was revealed during the presscon that Aiko went through various procedures to help achieve the provocative body she always wanted.

CONTOURS effective body sculpting procedures

Contours Thermitight Skin Tightening for Lower Face and Neck
Sagging cheeks, droopy jawline and visible wrinkles around the neck are telltale signs of aging but can also be attributed to weight loss. The thermitight skin tightening treatment for the neck and face is a minimally non-invasive procedure that can effectively smoothen this area. It will target areas in the lower face, jaw and neck by melting fats away while firming the area. The result will be a smoother and more defined neck and jawline with lesser wrinkles.

Thermibreast Non-Surgical Breast Lifting
Losing weight means having to face the reality of dealing with lose body tissues where fat has left off. Women often complain of sagging breasts after losing a significant amount of weight, after pregnancy or due to aging. Having a perky and plump breast not only boost self- confidence but it also compliments a woman’s figure. Good thing that Contours offers thermibreast non-surgical treatment for the breasts that deals with deep breast tissues, promotes collagen production while firming and tithening the breasts for a more uplifted and firmer look. Like other therma-tight procedures, there is no down time and no scarring.

Contours Vaser 4D Tummy Tuck
When it comes to losing body fats, the tummy is obviously the best place to see where the fat has left off. The stomach or tummy area sags resulting to more stretch marks, lose skin and unappealing bump that wouldn’t go away. Contours has the perfect solution through the inovated vaser 4d tummy tuck procedure that targets loose skin and muscle tissues while getting rid of fat deposits. It will help in achieving a naturally toned appearance of the tummy area. Visibly less swelling and minor bruising is expected which accounts for a shorter recovery time.  

Contours Fat Transfer to Butt
Many women clamor to get their butt augmented to make it appear fuller and sexier. The options to get a desirable fuller butt are implants and fat transfer with the latter is the best choice. Fat transfer to buttocks is a natural alternative to artificial implants. It involves liposuction of fats from other parts of the body then utilizes it to the butt area giving it a fuller and rounder appearance without the fear of side effects like being rejected by the body since the fats come from the individual itself. Contours is the best place for fat transfer to butt area since Dra. Claudine is an expert on this procedure.

Contours Vaser Lipo of Thighs and Arms
It could be very frustrating that after all the dieting, exercises and losing the unsightly arms and thighs that are juggling like Jell-O come to haunt us each time we face the mirror. Fact is these areas are prone to sagging since we only have little muscle and skin on it. The bets solution to this problem is to have a vaser lipo of the thighs and arms at Contours. This procedure entails a patented technology that breaks up and gets rid of fatty tissues. It uses ultrasound energy that emulsifies fat leaving blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues intact and unharmed. Desired effects are very visible in about 2 to 3 months.

Contours Thermidry for Underarm Sweating
Excessive sweating in the underarm area is not only annoying but a confidence breaker. Glad that Contours offers the best treatment for sweaty underarms through thermidry. Compared to the popular botox injections for the underarms, contours thermidry is more affordable and can last for several years. What is even more amazing is that there is no downtime.

Selfie with Aiko Melendez

Celebrity or not, all women deserve to look and feel good no matter at what age or social status. Just like Aiko Melendez who inspires many Filipina women on her fitness journey and acting prowess, it is very possible that we can get back to shape and enjoy a figure that flatters.
Aiko Melendez is style by Syper Abel, dolled-up by SM Woman with make-up by Dylan Sean Chua. 

Enjoying my moment at the Contours press conference


To know more about Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute, contact main clinic at (632) 5564878 or email

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