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Zoom Courier: Best Courier for Online Business in the Philippines

In today’s digital world where everyone’s connected online the opportunity to make good business is always there. Filipinos are spending more hours on their devices to connect online and according to studies , the Philippines is one of the top countries when it comes to the most amount of time spent online on a daily basis. 

If you are considering putting your business online or already established an online store then you have to realize that it is very important to have a delivery system that works. Having the best courier in manila for online shopping would benefit both your business and customers.

Improving your online presence would certainly attract more customers but having a reliable courier service in manila would keep these customers coming back with more transactions to make.

Part of customer service for online sellers and shopping websites is excellent delivery system and this is how ZOOM Courier will benefit your business. 

Choosing a good courier service for your online business could make a huge difference. Partnering with Zoom Courier will ensure smooth transactions all the time.

Ms. Sweetie Mamalias, General Manager for Zoom Courier

ZOOM COURIER: Why choose the best courier for online business?
Things to consider when choosing a delivery service for your business

  • Secured and safe handling of items. Your customers expect to receive their items in good condition and it is your obligation as an online seller to ensure that the ordered goods arrive in perfect condition. Having products that are mishandled is worse than late delivery. Gaining the trust of your clients is very important to keep them under your business. That is why with zoom courier you are one step ahead of the competition since they value every package as much as they mind your business.
ZOOM Courier sorting department
  • Reasonable delivery fees. For a newbie online seller or for an entrepreneur who has an established online retail business, having to pay or charge a reasonable fee for delivery can affect the overall costing of an item for each transaction. This will also affect the dynamics of a client to business relationship. Good to know that zoom courier have a very reasonable rate table that even individual seller could afford and be happy about.

  • Speedy on-time delivery. Online businesses rely on their courier partner and having to deliver on time as promised to customers is a tangible proof that an online seller or business has good customer service. What makes zoom courier different from other courier service in the philippines is that they can deliver as promised since they have their own pool (employed/hired) of riders strategically located around metro manila. Zoom courier can immediately pick-up and deliver on request for customers around the metro.

Some of the partner companies of ZOOM Courier

  • Reliable and efficient tracking system. When it comes to online retail business, it is best to partner with a reliable courier service in manila that has an efficient tracking system. This will ensure clients that they will get their items on time and in good condition. Updates and follow-ups should be easily accessible either thru online portal, sms, or phone call and zoom courier has the technology to provide businesses with a reliable tracking service. As part of good customer service, a courier should have the capability to provide updated communication that can give a sense of security to the shipper.

ZOOM Courier Overview

Relatively a new name in the courier service industry, Zoom Celero Couriers Inc. or ZOOM COURIER was established in February 1, 2016. But what people don’t know that behind this company are passionate individuals who has an established experience in the fields of courier service, e-commerce, financial and information technology.

ZOOM Courier aims to provide quality services in terms of door–to-door pick-up and delivery of documents, packages, and larger shipment of products across the country at the fastest time possible, at an affordable price.

Zoom Courier Prices (Manila Area)

ZOOM Courier Benefits

  • free pick-up
  • unlimited weight
  • next day delivery
  • no hidden charges 

ZOOM Courier GM Ms. Sweetie with yours truly- an avid online shopper and an entrepreneur too. (selfie)

An online business is facing a tough competition since selling online is a trend that many companies or individual entrepreneurs are taking advantage of since there are benefits in online exposure. The truth is, an online business that is into retail and selling is not limited only to the products that they offer beyond that there is good customer service and an efficient delivery system for goods is one important factor that could make or break a business.

I believe in the core values of this company that is why I ZOOM!!

Learn more on how ZOOM COURIER could help your business by contacting them through their email address- or by calling them at GLOBE: 0995 135 0340 SMART/ SUN: 0928 964 6558. Zoom Courier office is located at 168 Luna Mencias St. Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan City 1500.

Visit ZOOM Courier on Facebook for more updates. 

Zoom official website:

Zoom your way to success- happy selling!


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