Thursday, March 23

Pocket Full of Summer Fun with Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

“Every summer has a story.”

It’s hot- super hot!!! We can’t deny that summer is definitely here and kids are the most excited this time of the year.

Now that the school is out and summer vacation is here, I let the kids especially our youngest boy Mac to have a say on what activities he would like to do. 

Just this afternoon after toying with his colored chalks at the porch he wrote his name on the cement pavement (floor) had fun with it while snacking on his favorite Gardenia Pocket Sandwich. 

He just love it specially the chocolate flavored one. He even asked me “what’s inside the bread?”, I just responded quickly “it’s Gardenia’s specially blended magical chocolate filling”. He just nodded and continued eating his gardenia pocket sandwich and consumed about 3 breads. He has such a good appetite for great tasting food. Glad that Gardenia makes kids’ snacking easy and practical too.

Mac with his swim coach and buddy during his swimming lessons at CAL Swim School at Xavier School Greenhills Sam Juan

This summer, I let Mac choose whatever activity he would like to do. He has plans of his own- he likes to continue his swimming lessons, buy a new bike for big boys, go learn how to play basketball or have karate lessons. As the days roll by, his ideas are growing bigger but whatever activity he chooses I am here to support him all the way. 

Mac and Me

I strongly believe that children should have a voice and allow them to discover things on their own. After all, kids will be kids only once why not let them enjoy their happy moments. 

Mac during his swimming lesson at CAL Swim School

Good thing there is Gardenia Pocket Sandwich since summer time means more fun activities and the less I worry about what to prepare for kids on their snack time, the more I have time to plan cool summer fun activities with them. Travel is one of them and will be happy to take gardenia pocket sandwich with us.

Want to know the yummy goodness of each gardenia pocket sandwich? Here’s a brief description for gardenia pocket sandwiches.

Gardenia Chocolate Pocket Sandwich is made with soft and creamy white bread with rich chocolate filling and sealed to lock in its goodness. While the tasty gardenia peanut butter pocket sandwich features a luscious peanut butter filling. Both varieties are baked fresh everyday so you and the kids can enjoy your favorite sandwich anytime and anywhere. 

High in iron, folate, vitamin B 1 and a good source of vitamin A, gardenia pocket sandwiches are the healthier way to snack. Rich in iron and folate, a gardenia pocket sandwich supports normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Vitamin B 1 helps release energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Rich in vitamin A, gardenia pocket sandwich can provide essential nutrients for optimum functions of the eyes and healthy vision.

Both gardenia pocket sandwich variants sell at only 15 pesos each and are now available in leading supermarkets and stores nationwide.

Learn more about Gardenia products by dropping by at Gardenia Facebook page. Happy snacking this summer everyone!

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