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St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant is the Place for the Best Boodle Fight sa Bilao and Shrimp Wednesday

Filipinos love to feast and in almost every celebration food becomes the center of attention. Eating together has become a good way to bond and form lasting memories especially if the food that they shared together was special and served with love.


Now that the holiday season is here there will always be a reason to celebrate with family and friends. This is a good opportunity to enjoy each other’s company with good food and the better way to feast is to have a boodle fight.


There are a lot of restaurants that are now offering a boodle fight food service option wherein the food is place in a huge serving tray/platter that will be shared among diners. 


Good news to all boodle fight lovers- the long wait is over for good food to share since St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant can provide a good feast at a rate that is friendly on the budget. 


St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant Boodle Fight sa Bilao Sets on SALE!!!

For a special price of Php999.00, the Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set is indeed very affordable compared to other restaurants having the same idea. Restaurant diners have the option to choose from the of other Boodle Fight variants that the restaurant offers like from Palawan, Boracay, to Batangas for the same price of Php999.00.   




BEST SELLER: The Hot and Juicy Shrimps

The St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant’s Hot and Juicy Shrimps are 
available in the following flavors/variants: regular, spicy, mild, sweet, and medium. The shrimps were sourced from Roxas City, known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. So it is guaranteed fresh!


Trivia: Did you know that Chef Nick personally came up with its signature sauce. And once you tasted it, mapapa extra-rice ka talaga!

Best Deal: Shrimp Wednesday
Wednesdays is a special day for shrimp lovers and regular customers at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant for its called "Shrimp Wednesday" A Good Deal you shouldn’t miss. Regular customers of St. Nicholas have been returning every week for the 50% off promo. YES 50% OFF. From the regular price of Php399.00, marking down to only Php199.00 with the very same quality of Hot and Juicy Shrimps is basically a promo offer to grab!

Meet the Owner/Chef of St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant-
Chef Nick Pelaez

St. Nicholas Catering started back in 2003 while the restaurant is his newest baby, it is already on its third year serving sumptuous Filipino dishes in the Mandaluyong area. 

We all know that fast-food chains were almost everywhere, but St. Nicholas has its own charm. Having the intimate ambiance of the restaurant, diners are visiting at the odd hours of the day like brunch or late afternoon for early lunch or merienda, respectively. The busiest hours, of course, are lunch and dinner times. The usual guests are those who prefer clean and delicious home-cooked food over random finds at eateries. *plus Chef Nick is charming too.

Chef Nick Pelaez

Chef Nick owns, personally managed and still cooks for St. Nicholas Catering and the restaurant to ensure all guests the same quality of food every time.

Visit St. Nicholas Catering at #1 Fatima St. corner San Rafael st., Bgy., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

Phone: (02)535-7637 | Email:
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