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United Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving Party: Recognizing Friendships and Brands

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met. -William Butler Yeats

It’s the time of the year that people feels a certain urge to celebrate camaraderie and nurture friendships. Perhaps, it’s the holiday season and the spirit of Christmas fills the air to everywhere we go. This is what the recent and the first United Bloggers of the Philippines Thanksgiving and Christmas Party was all about- celebrating solid friendships among bloggers and partner brands.

Blogging as they say is a passion fueled by the desire to write and inform. That is why I am grateful to be a member of UBP wherein I am able to interact with like-minded bloggers, able to share ideas, learn something from one another but most of all- able to forged lasting friendships not only with my fellow bloggers but with reputable PR companies who are representing amazing brands.

Last November 30 at a hotel somewhere in Makati, a small gathering among our group and invited brand and PR partners shared a wonderful evening filled with joys and laughter. This is our very first United Bloggers PH thanksgiving cum Christmas party ever and it was a huge success.

What could be more fun than partying with your closest friends in the blogging scene and with partner brands and PR? In my experience this is by far the most intimate and most fun blogger party I’ve been too. Although I’ve been blogging “mainstream” since 2014, I could say I finally found a blogger’s group when I felt I truly belong- just like family.

It’s Party Time the UBP Way!!!
Our admin and group founder Adae Ang thought of having Hawaiian as our theme. Honestly, I felt a bit apprehensive- somewhat saddened, for one I don’t have any floral stuff in my closet, not even a flower ornament for my hair. But, what the heck, for sure I’ll have a blast at the UBP Thanksgiving Party anyway. Sure I did.  

As I went to the venue, I could sense the Hawaiian beach vibe, complete with grass skirts, large floral leis, colorful balloons and the wonderful line-up of loot bags from generous sponsors. Although the attendees are not that many, we were less than 20 bloggers who attended this intimate get together but I was quite surprised that sponsor brand companies and PRs went to join and share this moment with UBP.

What about the food? Of course no party is complete without a feast. Luckily for our group, our Admin was able to appropriate the meager budget for our feast. We had spaghetti, half/half pancit, lechon manok, grilled liempo, siomai and for desert the delicious Yema Cake by fellow pretty blogger Leilani. 

Everyone was full, when I say everyone, I mean including our special guests (PR friends and brands). To quench our thirst- there’s Aqua Best bottled water- loads of it. And for our party drink- there’s Tanduay Select which at first I thought would be too bold and warm to the throat but I was wrong. This newest Tanduay Select label- is just right, smooth and a bit bold but has no after taste.

UBP 2016 Party Highlights
This could be one of the smallest blogger group party but the fun and the laughter is big time! I for one just let my hair down and even left my inhibitions downstairs where it could not bother me and say “hey, stop making a fool of yourself!”. In short, all of us had fun and sharing this wonderful experience with one another only made our friendships stronger along with building lasting relationships with our partner brands. Probably this is the best highlight of this small event.

We had gift giving game wherein all of us have to bring a gift (a hundred peso worth at least) that we would swap with one another. At first we tried passing on the gifts in a circle and once the music stops the gift that you have in hand is yours. Nah..we were like bunch of kids that some of us hoard several pieces of gifts in hand while others were left empty handed.  It was fun to pass around the gifts but not effective. So we decided to just draw out in a bowl and just hand out our gift to the name of the person we pick, there you go…we are back to being civilized adults. Finally. Lol. 

BTW, I totally appreciate the gift that I got from my fellow blogger dear friend Leira, happy that she was the one who picked my name and got myself some cool stuff but most especially an inspiring book called The Daily Promise which will keep me motivated and positive- just loved it!

a page on The Daily Promise book- can't help but share this nice thought

Of course our get together party would not be complete without any contest of some sort. As seasoned social media infleuncers (really?) it is just right that the contest would involve the social media (what a clever idea from our admin Adae). This is where creativity comes to play. We were asked to post photos on our Instagram accounts with the appropriate hashtags- 
#UnitedBloggersPh #UBPthanksgivingandChristmasParty #EggShell #HerbalifePH #TanduaySelect #iloveAquabest #LaChicaManila #TanduayRhum #IntiendeSalon #PhilCare- these hashtags are created to recognize the unwavering support of our partner brands and PR friends. Without them we would not be able to carry on with our UBP thanksgiving party. Super thank you to you all!

yeah..I know how goofy I am- explanation up ahead just read on...

Going back to the fun contests for social media postings, knowing how game I am- my mind wanders around to think of the best creative shot for my post. Alas! Saw those big balloons and ‘ting’ an idea pops into my head. Not thinking about how stupid I would appear to my fellow bloggers especially to the ones that I don’t get to be with often, my goofiness prevailed. 

I grabbed the 2 big balloons stuff it inside my tight black t-shirt and with lei and grass skirt still on me- viola! I looked like miss bombastic ready to dance the hula with an epic triple D bust line. Haha!!! Guess what who won the most creative IG post? ME!!!! (but we are all winners) All for the fun and laughter shared among my blogger friends. 

Grateful for your friendship and support!
It is only right to be grateful to our sponsors and partner brands. Although our first ever party is just a small gathering but with our brand sponsors this was a huge success.

At United Bloggers Philippines we only partner with brands or companies that we have faith in since we can effectively promote it on social media platforms if we ourselves are loyal patron. 

Shoutout to Intiende Salon where we frequently visit for amazing hair and beauty services. They keep our tresses looking great all the time for our awesome social media postings. Intiende Salon is conveniently located at 2nd floor, Tiendesitas Bldg. A along Ortigas with contact number 0917-7965482. Give their services  a try- you’ll love it.

Now for a healthy looking skin La Chica Manila got us covered. They’ve got this beauty soap called The Ultimate Beauty Soap for brightening and anti-aging for all skin types which is effective. How I love to lavish my skin with this amazing soap and we at UBP loved it.

United Bloggers Philippines is also grateful to PhilCare. We fully trust the services and products that they offer since we need some sort of security in cases of emergencies. A reliable health and insurance provider is a must these days and PhilCare gives the best coverage.

Aquabest provided us with the best bottled water the entire UBP celebration- certainly the healthiest and the best thirst quencher. There is no doubt that Aquabest is the leader when it comes to quality drinking water. 

Another brand we love is the world class nutritional company Herbalife Philippines. We really need this, since we’ve been partying here and there. Taking Herbalife shakes daily allow us to keep tab of our weight and at least look good on our selfies.

The UBP party isn’t complete without Tanduay Rum. We had a blast enjoying the smooth and soothing taste of Tanduay Select in particular, it has the subtle sweetness of grapes but no bad after taste and most of all no hangover. Now let’s drink to that. Cheers to Tanduay! 

"We had fun, we had joys, we had seasons in the sun. But the wine (make that Tanduay) and the song like the seasons have all gone" (sounds familiar? yeah it's the old song)…..just when we thought we are having so much fun- we took our fun to a higher level literally- like going to the roof deck for a good night swim. 

Most of us stayed a couple more hours and maximize our fun event by taking a dip at the penthouse pool. It was a perfect  night for a swim since the weather that day was quite hot. We pretty much enjoyed it knowing that we brought our bottle of Tanduay Select to our pool party. Clever me, took some plastic cups filled with ice and viola! it’s Tanduay party at the pool. 

Ahh…our United Bloggers of the Philippines Thanksgiving & Christmas Party is really unforgettable. The fun, the laughter and the bonding shared among our brand partners and good friends is truly priceless. I will be remembering that day for the rest of my life- no joke since I value experiences more than material things. I will treasure that day and keep it close to my heart. 

Before I get teary eyed and all…let me give a special a THANK YOU to EGGSHELL (the creative company behind big brands). Through Eggshell we were able to celebrate and have fun. The support as well as friendship with this company is amazing (thank you Ms. Charmaine P.).

There you go- this is how United Bloggers Philippines celebrated our first party. It is not much as compared to other big time bloggers’ parties but what is important is that we were able to build lasting friendships backed up with fun memories that we could savor for the rest of our lives. 

Looking forward for more happy UBP celebrations perhaps this Valentine’s- would I have my valentino by then??? Ahh..sigh

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