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Best Argan Oil for Skin from Nailaholics

Just when the holiday spirit fills the air the clamor to look good and feel good will start to build in some pressure. It is almost a must to look your best as the holiday season comes rushing in and one important aspect of our beauty that we look forward in taking care of is our skin. 

The tropical climate where we live in can contribute to skin issues with the variable changes in weather- from sudden rainfalls to intense heat during the day, it could only make matters worse. These changes in humidity and other environmental factors as well as our food indulgence can visibly take a toll on our skin keeping it off balance with a dull complexion.

Good thing we know the basics- getting enough rest, proper diet, good hydration and exercise will help in keeping our skin healthy. But Mother Nature knows best, we are blessed with a perfect solution to solve our skin woes and one of them is by using ARGAN OIL.

What is ARGAN OIL?

Argan Oil is derived from Argan tree that grows abundantly in the southern region of Morocco. This Mediterranean nature’s wonder produces a “miracle skin cure” in a form of pure argan oil extract that has high levels of antioxidants, polyunsaturated fat, essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E. 

The Moroccan pure argan oil is considered as a potent tonic for skin and hair since it has many properties. It helps boost moisture form deep within making the skin appear youthful and glowing. Moroccan pure argan oil also has anti-inflammatory property that will ease out uneven skin tone, dull texture and fine lines keepingskin elasticity, smoothness and firmness.

Just imagine what a few drops of pure argan oil can do to your skin or hair? What’s even more amazing is that you could easily mix it with your usual skin regimen products or simply apply it directly on your skin by gently massaging this miracle oil to be fully absorbed.

Many ways to use pure argan oil:
  • night time skin moisturizer
  •  anti-aging serum
  • all over body moisturizer
  • effective skin toner
  • leave-on hair conditioner
  • natural make-up remover
  • gentle eye make-up remover
  • acne solution
  • stretchmark treatment
  • razor bump and burn treatment

Where to buy pure argan oil?

Moroccan ARGAN OIL is readily available at any Nailaholics branch near you. What’s even better is that, they are offering a ‘buy-one-take-one’ on a bottle of pure argan oil which is available starting November 21 to 30 at all NAILAHOLICS branches nationwide. 

The argan oil 50ml is at only Php 790.00 while the bestselling pure argan oil 100ml retails for only Php 1390. And the best part of this deal is you get the same bottle of argan oil for free!!!

 It’s important to note though that you get the real deal. So be sure to get it from somewhere that has a longstanding reputation of reliability and quality. It’s the concentration of argan oil that allows you to receive all its benefits, so make sure you’re getting it from a brand that can be trusted when they say that they are giving you a bottle with no artificial preservatives,” says Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head. Reminding consumers that there are a lot of argan oil circulating in the market today but there’s no guarantee that what you are buying is pure argan oil.

Love the skin you have and start a practical beauty regimen with pure argan oil from Nailaholics now!

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