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MIG AYESA: Up Close and Personal

MIG AYESA is No Rock Star At All!

 Intimate Conversation with Mig Ayesa of Rock of Ages

October 25, 2014, late afternoon at the Podium in Ortigas where I got smitten by a Rock Star, not the stereotypical Rock Star that we all knew but a better and inspiring version of what a huge star should always be and that is MIG AYESA- a true Rock Star!
Feeling nervous on my way to our meeting place in Podium.

I was very nervous and hesitant to actually accept this opportunity to meet and be with Mig- I am not that confident (I humbly admit) as to how I’ll pull through an interview with an internationally known singer/actor/ rock star like Mig Ayesa. I was totally overwhelmed with the idea. But after a week of receiving an invitation from Mig’s personal assistant who is based in Los Angeles USA, I finally muster the strength. With all my might, I am ready to meet my Rock Star.

Caught Mig holding a bottle of soda with his name on it. Specially ordered by his friends just for him. He was very happy with this simple gift.

Got caught in the usual heavy Manila traffic on my way to Podium Ortigas, the meeting is set at the charming Wild Flour CafĂ©. Just as I am nearing the place I saw Mig with several well wishers and friends casually chatting with all smiles and laughter. This scenario has calmed me down a bit. After the first group left another group is ready for Mig, so he transferred from the previous table to another. He was very gracious and told me several times how sorry he is to keep me waiting. I told him “I could wait forever and have you all by myself”.- this is how selfish I felt knowing that I will have a moment with a real rock star.

Still very nervous but Mig Ayesa welcomed me like an old dear friend.

After an hour or so of waiting, Mig Ayesa came over at my table located at the far end of the posh cafe. He welcomed me warmly with a huge cute smile like seeing an old friend for such a long long time. I tried getting everything on a video (thanks to my niece Nycoel -my videographer) since I know this would go on spontaneously realizing how super friendly Mig is.

I never realized that I have nothing to feel nervous about since Mig did a great job at putting me at ease.

On the video I asked about his Filipino background and about Rock of Ages. You could clearly see how Mig made me feel comfortable during the whole interview and very accommodating in answering all my questions. Just pardon how bad the audio quality is- I am just using a mobile phone to record and this is my first time to do a video interview.

NOTE: This is the first time I've done a video interview with a world class performer and the first time I uploaded one. Excuse also that I used a free video converter just to upload it here (such a desperate move). It is just that I have to include this since our conversation is documented on this video. I am just happy to share this wonderful experience with everybody.

I am compelled to watch Rock of Ages 2014 at the Meralco Theater if I am feeling better. Got rained on the other day and now paying the price- now sick with fever and colds. Too bad since I am dying to see Mig live in action but if I’ve got the power, I will surely be there for Mig and witness the spectacular Rock of Ages.

Feeling like a rock star with the real star Mig. Awesome!!!

But for those of you, who loves 80’s music, a good love story and impeccable musical production then you still have 2 more shows which is scheduled this Sunday- Nov. 9 bring your friends and family along for a fun memorable experience that could last a lifetime. I tell you from the people I’ve met who have seen the show- they all told me one thing- Rock of Ages truly rocks! Would you believe some fans have seen the show not once, twice but for more than three times? This is how awesome Rock of Ages 2014 Manila is, so make sure you'll watch it!

Rock of Ages the musical in Manila is currently running on its 3rd year and you might ask what’s the difference with the previous shows, as Mig Ayesa answered- this 2014 show differs in terms of production this time sound engineering team is the same team that provided fantastic audio on the shows in the US and the Meralco venue is much bigger with awesome lighting. But for Mig, the most important difference or should I say development from the previous shows is that, the Rock of Ages actors developed natural instincts that acting and singing at every Rock of Ages performance have become second nature to all of them- this time they perfected their craft where all lose strings are all tied up now.


You still have November 9 with two time slots to catch Mig Ayesa and the rest of the Rock of Ages crew. If you appreciate good music, superb stage performances and good storyline then it is a must that you watch Rock of Ages 2014 before it’s too late.

Get ready and enjoy a memorable date with Mig Ayesa as Stacee Jaxx, Nyoy Volante as Drew, Jett Pangan as Lonny, Jamie Wilson as Dennis, Calvin Millado as Hertz, Bibo Reyes as Franz and Jinky Llamanzares as Justice Charlier. New casting includes Kayla Rivera as Sherrie and Thea Tadiar Everley as Regina.  ROCK OF AGES is directed by Chari Arespacochaga, Lighting Design by Driscoll Otto, Assistant Direction by Jamie Wilson, Choreography by Cecile Martinez, Set Design by Lex Marcos and Denis Lagdameo, Costume Design by Pepsi Herrera and Twinkle Zamora, Sound Design by Deniz Akyurek, Musical Direction by Ceejay Javier and Vocal Coaching by ManMan Angsico.

This worldwide sold out rock musical is back ONE LAST TIME for a very limited engagement from Oct 31 to Nov 9, 2014 at the Meralco Theatre. Tickets for the Rock of Ages which has 2 more shows this November 9 are still on sale at Ticketworld you can even avail of the promo 5+2 free which is truly a good steal.
Rock of the Ages simply rules not only on the venue that it was performed, but among the hearts of many Filipinos who were lucky to witnessed world class talents singing the tunes of their lives in a unique story that made everyone smile. 

And to my new rock star friend Mig Ayesa- thank you for your welcoming smile and for your innate kindness that you lovingly share among us Pinoys. Mabuhay ka MIG!!! Rock On!

Follow Mig Ayesa's journey at his official website here and get to know him better.

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