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Brooklyn’s in San Juan: Pizza Haven for Every Juan (and Juana)

BROOKLYNS: Discover the taste of New York in San Juan City

We all can agree that Pinoys love pizza. With so many pizzeria joints all over Metro Manila the choice could be rather confusing if not disappointing. But, Brooklyn’s pizza will never disappoint even the most discriminating pizza lover. There is something very special with each slice of a Brooklyn’s New York style pizza. And here are the reasons why:

  • New York inspired in quality and taste
  • Freshly made dough all the time
  • Fresh vegetables and tasty meaty toppings
  • Quality imported cheese
  • Great big serving size
  • Perfectly baked 
  • Reasonably priced 
With the reasons I stated above how can we go wrong with Brooklyn's. This is great news to all pizza lovers in the charming city of San Juan. There is no need to order or dine outside the city since Brooklyn's is here!

Brooklyn's N. Domingo has the homey ambiance great for family bonding and dining out with your friends.

Large Brooklyns food fosters on the wall look tempting but even better on your plate!
A Little Background on Brooklyn's

From its humble beginnings of being a homemade pizza sold in a small stall on bazaars around the Paranaque neighborhood, Brooklyn’s took a steady turn and now evolved into a full scale pizza restaurant that offers great pizza varieties among its family friendly menu with many original recipe dishes that everyone will surely love.

After over a decade Brooklyn’s transformation with well-developed menu, conceptualized store design, upgraded logo and upcoming branches, Brooklyn’s is on its way to being one of the best pizza restaurants around the metro.

The unique elephant logo of Brooklyn’s Pizza is quite symbolic particularly in New York City where an elephant named Jumbo led a parade of 21 elephants crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. This publicity made headline news and was a sure hit among spectators and doubters only proving that the newly built Brooklyn Bridge in NYC is capable of handling heavy weights through the marching elephants crossing the bridge. 

Brooklyn's Pizza newly designed logo- noticed why the cute elephant has wings. Make a guess.

Brooklyn’s now has 9 strategically located branches over Metro Manila with more coming soon and now available for franchising.

Brooklyn’s Pizza and other Yummy Dishes

What’s great about Brooklyn’s is that they offer variety in the types of dishes besides pizzas through its diverse menu. You can even enjoy a hearty breakfast feast here with their All Day Brunch menu offering and All-Time Pinoy Favorites Toppings of Tapa Rice and Longganisa Rice for those who have rice cravings. They even got amazingly tasty soup dishes and Italian pasta dishes like Bolognese, Bacon Pesto, and Spaghetti with Meatballs all done with Brooklyn’s signature tocuh. Other appetizing dishes like Buffalo Wings, Garlic Mushrooms, Shrimp Gambas, Crispy Fish Fry and the sinful Bacon Slab are all worthy of your taste buds. With desserts, different types of beers and beverages everyone can have a satisfying meal at their cozy restaurant or at home through delivery.

Brooklyn's Food

Pizza is also synonymous to the eclectic city of New York- its a mixture of flavors bonded by the vibrant cultures of the city. Same is true with Brooklyn's N. Domingo our quaint city of San Juan now has a pizza joint that we all could be proud of. 

Nothing on Brooklyns pizza menu is left without full attention. From the freshly made dough right down to the smallest bits of toppings, Brooklyn pizza in San Juan clearly knows how to gratify the hunger for great tasting pizzas.
Brooklyn's DeLuxe Pizza- meaty toppings with onions, olives, bell pepper and special sauce

Brooklyn's Vegetarian Pizza for the non-meat eater
Not only Brooklyn San Juan has great tasting New York style pizzas it offers a variety of dishes that both adults and kids will enjoy. Just like the soup I tasted- the Squash Soup which I could instantly tell is created from scratch. Just imagine how tedious Brooklyn's is when it comes to food preparation.

Brooklyn's healthy and tasty Squash Soup. Would you believe they will only prepare this upon ordering? Awesome!

Dunk your bread into it. The Squash soup is so yummy and highly continuous.

You can tell how thick the Squash Soup is.

Brooklyn's Buffalo Wings is simply divine. With mild chili flavor and crispy breading. It is perfectly seasoned and golden fried that even kids would love nibbling into each piece.

The menu in Brooklyn N. Domingo boasts fusion of some favorite Italian dishes along with NY style pizzas

Different beers are available just like the San Miguel Premium that I enjoyed with the pizza.


Brooklyn's Pizza is one restaurant that will soon be part of the list of top food chains around the country. With continuous development on menu, store design and new promos, Brooklyn's is geared towards success breaking the monotonous pizza cycle pattern that we all grew tired of.

Now open for franchising and any one who wishes to venture into a lucrative food business may get in touch with Mr Joyan Sy at or through his land line at 351-000 which is the Managing Director for Brooklyn's Pizza. 

That's me with Mr. Johan Sy (L) and marketing head Mr. Rhanch Macalalad. There you go, Mr. Sy is having fun goofing around when this photo was taken.


Brooklyn's Pizza is one blessing that the people of San Juan City will look forward to when it comes to great quality pizzas and superb dishes. Come and experience New York style pizzas and other delicious stuff on their menu- for sure you will be happy that you just did.

Bring your whole family or your barkada and feast on delicious pizzas and other tempting dishes from Brooklyn San Juan. I will definitely come back for more since they a have a lot of other gastronomical delights that I am craving to try.


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