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METROMART PISO SALES and epic discounts this July and August


More PISO Sales, Promos and Giveaways launches at MetroMart 

Get as much as ₱10K worth of discounts this July and August!


Bring your groceries and essentials to the next level with MetroMart, as the No. 1 on-demand delivery platform in the Philippines rolls out more PISO SALES, weekly discounts, giveaway events and freebies this July and August.

Please see the itinerary of upcoming and ongoing events below:





S&R Payday PISO Sale, exclusively via MetroMart

July 28-31, 2023

Premium items can be purchased for ONLY 1.00

Landmark Payday PISO Sale, exclusively via MetroMart

July 28-31, 2023

Premium items can be purchased for ONLY 1.00

July Payday Specials

July 28-30, 2023

Up to 500 off on your orders, across all stores and supermarkets

8.8 Back-to-School Sale

Aug 8-10, 2023

- Select items at 8.80 ONLY

- 88.00 Discount 

- FREE Delivery and FREE Eco Bag

90% Off Flash Sale 

Aug 14-24, 2023

Up to 90% off discounts on select items across select stores and supermarkets

Lay’s Camera Action! Giveaway Raffle

Jul - Sept 2023

Get a chance to win premiere Movie Pass and more exciting prizes

First up are the concurring PISO Sales of S&R and Landmark this July 28-31. Premium items can be purchased for 1.00 only, and the products will be available from 9AM - 8PM throughout the sale days. Partnered with these are the Payday Specials discounts on July 28-30, with discounts of up to 500 off that may be availed across all stores and supermarkets. By using codes JULYPAYDAY500, JULYPAYDAY300, and JULYPAYDAY100, shoppers may avail of discounts up to 500, 300 and 100, respectively.

Immediately following the weekend sale event is the double-digit 8.8 Back-to-School Sale from August 8-10. Various promos of 8.80 sale items, 88 off discount, up to 70% off discounts on select items, Buy 1 Take 1 combos, FREE Delivery, FREE Eco Bag and more will be available across select stores.

Stay tuned for an awesome lineup of participating items in the 90% Off Flash Sale on August 14-24, for a great way to get started on early holiday shopping.

Last but not least, customers get a chance to win premiere Movie Passes and even more exciting prizes with the “Lay’s, Camera, Action!” Giveaway Promo. Qualifying e-raffle entries may be availed with purchase of participating Lay’s products across participating branches of AllDay Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Landmark, MerryMart, Robinsons Supermarket, Super8, S&R Membership Shopping.


Lay’s, Camera, Action! Giveaway Promo

Minimum Order Spend

No. of E-Raffle Entries

399 - 799

1 e-raffle entry

800 - 1,499

3 e-raffle entries

1,500 & above

5 e-raffle entries

An additional 50 discount may be availed for the grocery orders with the purchase of the Lays products. The movie screening event, featuring the superhero movie Blue Beetle, will be held at Red Carpet Premiere Theatre in Shangri-La Plaza on September 24, 2023. Additional prizes of gadgets like a PS5, Nintendo Switch, and TCL 40" Android Digital LED TV will be raffled to the attending winners of the movie premiere.

Please see the PISO SALE itineraries below:








July 28-31

9 AM - 2PM

Ranch House Corned Beed 380g



3 PM - 8 PM

Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood 75g









July 28-31

9 AM - 2PM

Harvester's Thai Jasmine Rice 2kg



3 PM - 8 PM

UFC Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil 1L



*Sale items are subject to availability in S&R and Landmark branches. 

The S&R Payday PISO Sale and Landmark Payday PISO Sale, exclusively via MetroMart, are applicable to New and Existing Users of MetroMart. A minimum spend of only 4,000 at S&R and 3,000 at Landmark is required in order to avail the 1-peso sale items. A cap of 100 pieces of each product will be available per day, and within their time slot throughout the sale days. Only completed checkout of orders within the scheduled day and time can avail the discounted items.

All of these promos are available throughout the Philippines, where MetroMart has expanded its serviceable locations. The PISO Sale is available in participating branches of S&R and Landmark via the MetroMart app and website, all over Metro Manila and key locations throughout the Philippines, including Batangas, Bicol, Palawan, Tagaytay, Pangasinan, Cavite, Cebu, Baguio and Davao.

For more updates on MetroMart, like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Threads @metromartph. Order groceries online or download the app via

MetroMart Philippines is the #1 on-demand online grocery delivery service in the Philippines. Our grocery partners include S&R Membership Shopping, Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark, The Marketplace, Shopwise, All Day Supermarket, Merrymart, Super8 Grocery Warehouse, Ever Supermarket, UltraMega Supermarket, and over 500+ specialty store retailers like Pet Express, No Brand, Baby Company, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, National Book Store, Office Warehouse, Southstar Drug and AllDay Rx. Customers can order from their favorite stores on the MetroMart app and have it delivered to their door in less than 2 hours! Over 160,000 products are available with our 500+ partner supermarkets and partner specialty stores. Order your groceries through, or download the app on iOS or Android app store.

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