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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 TikTok Challenge


Not getting enough sleep? Join this TikTok challenge
and get the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series



One thing about digital natives today is that they love hopping on viral Internet trends, especially on TikTok. And if you’re one of them, you might probably be looking for the next TikTok dance or filter challenge to practice your skills on or pass the time. So, here’s one that deserves a try: Samsung’s #DidYouYawn challenge.


The #DidYouYawn challenge is the latest TikTok challenge to see whether or not you are sleep-deprived by showing video clips of people and animals yawning in an attempt to make you yawn. The challenge may conclude in one of two ways: being told that you need to get more sleep because you yawned, or being commended for not yawning since you clearly had enough shut-eye. Either way, the result can be submitted as an official entry to the challenge.