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Japonesa Natural Lightening Soap: Skin Benefits of Probiotics

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.”



 What is a probiotics soap?

Microbiome skincare is the latest breakthrough when it comes to taking care of our skin. Probiotics soaps are made with natural components containing live good bacteria in either probiotics, prebiotics or postbiotics. A probiotics soap can help generate a healthy balance of good bacteria on the skin thus making it healthy and youthful.


Why use JAPONESA Probiotics Soap every day?

Japonesa® offers a range of all-natural skincare products that nourishes your skin with Prebiotic + Probiotic and other natural active ingredients. Scientifically formulated to keep skin healthy and young-looking. Japonesa is also exported to other countries and adheres to world-class manufacturing standards.


BENEFITS of JAPONESA probiotic soap:

  • Protects the skin from bad microorganisms. Japonesa probiotic soap provides a natural defense by keeping a healthy environment by functioning as a protective shield.
  • Japonesa probiotics soap facilitates the production of natural antibiotics known as ‘antimicrobial peptides” that fight off bad bacteria.
  • It can boost skin’s functionality in combating external damaging factors such as free radicals, harmful UV rays or sun exposure including pollution.
  • Using Japonesa natural lightening probiotic soap that contains potent probiotics can help decrease and minimize skin inflammation which helps in reducing acne or flare-ups and eventually prevent premature aging. It can also help dry skin conditions and treat damages cause by UV rays.
  • The prebiotics in Japonesa natural skin whitening soap helps in providing a good pH balance on the skin. It eventually supports the skin’s barrier function that helps increase the good bacteria.

As we grow older and get exposed to various elements, skin’s defense mechanisms will not function on its optimum. Damages cause by free radicals, exposure to the elements and microbes as well as premature aging will result to unhealthy and dull looking skin. We need to have the best protection and nourishment that can only come from an advanced and natural skincare product such as Japonesa.


Japonesa Soap Review (honest true to life experience)

Here’s my personal experience using Japonesa Natural Lightening Probiotic Soap. Been using it for almost a month now as my facial and bath soap and here are  my observations:


Great gentle exfoliation. While still in the shower and using Japonesa soap, I can feel and even see that its getting rid of old and dry skin cells. It gently lifts off “libag” and skin impurities.

It instantly improved skin texture. After taking a bath and stepped out of the shower I immediately can see and feel that my skin becomes smoother and radiantly glowing.

Improved skin moisture. I noticed that I don’t even need to follow up with a moisturizer lotion after taking a bath. My face and body even my rough elbows feel softer and supple like the soft skin of a cute baby!

Effective skin lightening. Regular use of Japonesa has proven to gently treat my skin discoloration which I have due to many years of my usual rendezvous under the heat of the sun. (I regret not using sunblock after all these years) After a week or so, my skin looks brighter with improvements especially on areas with dark spots.

Removes unsightly blackheads and whiteheads as well as other skin issues. Although I am not prone to acne, I have blackheads especially on my nose area. Aside from this skin issue, I have areas that are prone to rashes, especially on this hot humid weather. These are the areas that are often sweaty- such as my armpits, under my boobies, back and inner thighs. I have itchiness and discomfort when I have rashes, but these issues are now under control with the help of Japonesa probiotic soap. My problematic areas are now supple and smooth to touch with almost no itch and rashes gone.



There’s a slight stinging sensation. I noticed a very mild sting especially when the soap encounters my problematic skin areas- the ones with rashes, tiny wart like outgrowths and allergies. But its just for a short period afterwards it will be gone and its very tolerable. Probably the good bacteria (probiotics) are working its way to address the skin problem.

Somewhat pricey. The 120g Japonesa soap is tagged at Php335. while the 70g at Php220. Not everyone is willing to shell out this amount for a soap, right? BUT- with all the skin benefits, Japonesa soap is your best first line of defense in maintaining a healthy skin.


Verdict: Should you buy Japonesa probiotics soap?

YES! If you want soft, healthy and radiant skin then go ahead and treat yourself. For me Japonesa is a practical and effective skincare system that is made from scientifically proven and all-natural ingredients.

Japonesa soap does many functions that will nourish your skin. It keeps a good normal pH skin level for one. Promotes good bacteria. Acts as a protective skin barrier. Helps ward off free radicals and even treats damages cause by harmful elements, premature aging and pollution. So, hello to glowing youthful skin with JAPONESA!!!!

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