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Dermcare Caring for Over 30 Years

When it comes to beauty and skincare you cannot just trust anybody. After all, the way we look, or our appearance is the gateway to our character and can tell a lot about one’s personality. Good thing we have a brand that stood the test of time when it comes to excellent beauty and skin care services and it is DERMCARE.

For over 30 years, Dermcare carried on with its vision in providing the best beauty and skin care treatments along with quality products adhering to high standards in the beauty industry.

Founded by Zenaida Palisoc in the 1980s, she was aware that there is a need for everyone to focus in selfcare by having to get pampering services from time to time for us to cope up with the daily grinds. 

Dermcare truly cares, by offering top beauty and skin care services at a price that everyone can afford. And to celebrate its 30th anniversary Dermcare is launching a new product line which is manufactured in Japan exclusively for them and it’s called CRYSTAL WHITE AO+ which will provide you with tons of beauty and health benefits.

What is DERMCARE Crystal White AO+ ?

Utilizing the latest technology and innovations of science in beauty, Crystal White AO plus is an all-in-one beauty capsule that provides positive effects in a holistic way.

It’s an amino based whitening technology that not only lightens and rejuvenates the skin but also provide good nutrition for the body. It is packed with potent antioxidants that will protect the skin and body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Benefits of DERMCARE Crystal White AO+
  • ·       Lightens skin all over the body
  • ·       Effectively moisturizes the skin
  • ·       Provides an even skin tone
  • ·       Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • ·       Protects skin from the harmful sun rays
  • ·       Nourishes skin for healthier glow
  • ·       Promotes healthier skin
  • ·       Improves bodily functions

DERMCARE Kwentong Pilipina: Inspiring and empowering Modern Day Filipinas

A digital platform made exclusively to empower modern Pinays is set to launch this November. This is part of Dermcare’s vision of uplifting the lives of hardworking Filipinas.

With stories that inspires, the platform aims to be an avenue where women can relate, find motivation and learn from one another.

This will also provide access to valuable information on career, beauty, lifestyle, health as well women’s right that are geared towards empowering Pinays.

Kwentong Pilipina is also an interactive community where members can seek advice, share stories and even find inspiration from one another.

Beauty starts from within and reflected on how we look. Feel good and start loving yourself the #DermCare way!

NOTICE: Please be aware that DERMCARE and DERMCARE LUXE are not related nor affiliated to Dermacare Face Body Laser Center or Dermacare Skin, Hair and Spa.

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