Friday, October 18

Mommies and Babies of Cribs Say Yes to Pampers No Lawlaw Diaper

“Babies are the buds of life ready to bloom like a fresh flower to refresh humanity.”
-Debasish Mridha

Sabi nga nila ‘pag may bata sa bahay mas masaya’. That is very true with any Pinoy family. In our culture, children especially babies are regarded as God’s blessings and a home would be filled with laughter if there is a baby around. 

That is why moms have the best interest of their baby in mind when it comes to caring and nurturing. This will include choosing the best baby products and moms knew it that with PAMPERS DIAPER there is less LAWLAW!

Just last week, Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) together with Pampers had a “Hug-A-Baby” day at CRIBS Foundation in Antipolo. 

CRIBS is a 40-year old non-profit organization that cares for abandoned babies and sexually abused children. Its primary objective is to provide a loving and secure environment for children.

As a proud member of MBP, I am very blessed to be part of this mission and this is a dream come true for me. I am no stranger to taking care of babies and infants- I already have around 6 babies under my belt- haha! I was very hands on with these kids and I know that having a good quality diaper is very important part of baby care. 

And it works both ways not only for moms but most importantly for babies too! And here’s why: Using diapers with inferior quality not only is uncomfortable to babies but this will hinder babies’ natural movement and development. 

No to LAWLAW Diapers and yes to PAMPERS!

►Lawlaw diaper delays walking. Using lawlaw diaper will affect the learning ability of baby on how to properly walk. With extra bulk in between baby’s legs, this will force the legs to adopt to an uncomfortable position. This will make his legs curve unnaturally thus delaying his ability to walk and even to stand straight. Lawlaw diapers will also affect baby’s normal standing position affecting his balance and movement.

►Lawlaw diaper affects baby’s motor development. The extra weight can significantly wear the baby down. Slowing proper phasing and progress of his motor skills development.

► Lawlaw diaper negatively affect baby’s mood. Having a diaper that gives extra uncomfy bulk between legs can really make a baby irritable. And when babies are annoyed, they throw in tantrums and would lose interest in playing and learning.

► Lawlaw diaper will promote skin irritations. When babies wear diaper that are low quality, they become susceptible to rashes and other skin irritations. Most diaper brands cannot hold liquid efficiently thus baby’s skin is in contact with wet soggy diaper. This will also lead to serious infections since lawlaw diaper is a good breathing ground for bacteria.

► Lawlaw diaper is not cost efficient. With low quality diapers that are prone to sagging due to inability to trap liquid, changing diaper will be often thus contradicting practicality.


Superior skin dryness. With 3 Magic Channels that contain high-tech gel component it instantly absorbs wetness minimizing pee contact with the skin. Pampers baby Dry provides 3x protection with up to 12-hours skin dryness sans the lawlaw factor!

Helps protect against skin irritations. Pampers diaper contain a gentle lotion that adds a layer of protection while keeping wetness away. The soft cottony cover is very gentle thus preventing skin friction.

All around comfort. Pampers diaper is made from quality materials that provides superior comfort even when babies are moving. It snug perfectly to conform to baby’s natural shape allowing proper movement. Stretch tapes secure the diaper in place while providing perfect fit and preventing leakage.

I personally recommend PAMPERS diapers considering the good quality, convenience, practicality and the best interest of babies. I am saying no to LAWLAW and all moms should too!

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