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5 Things I Love About Premier Samgyupsal San Juan

The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
-Mark Twain

Food is one of the best pleasures here on earth. And good food becomes a memorable experience that one can desire to indulge from time to time.

Samgyeopsal is a very popular choice of dining experience nowadays thus like mushrooms sprouting in almost every corner, you’ll have plenty of options where to have the best samgyupsal in manila and this is a hit and miss situation for most foodies.

As a big fan of grilled meats, I already tried dining to different samgyupsal restaurants and now can tell the difference. Yes, there are differences since samgyupsal restaurants in manila have different standards- quality wise that is and service. Good thing I now experienced the best with The Premier Samgyupsal San Juan and I am happy to share it here with you guys.

How do I love thee..let me count the ways- 

5 Reasons I love The Premier Samgyupsal 
San Juan

(1) The Heart is in the Meat. Samgyeopsal is about grilling meats and it becomes gratifying if the meat you are about to grill is of good quality. Premier Samgyupsal San Juan offers the best quality meat choices. I believed they come in fresh everyday- well I could tell because I also cook a lot at home. The meats they serve at Premier are juicier, tender and yummy. Which could only mean that they put premium on their meat. Knowing this you’ll appreciate how it is to dine in Premier.

(2) Appetizing Appetizers. Premier Samgyupsal San Juan offers a good variety of appetizers that surely won 1st place according to my taste buds. Gone are the days that I have to forcefully satisfy myself with so-so appetizers on other popular samgyeopsal restaurants in manila. I personally love their glazed sweet potato, creamy coleslaw, pink radish and the “Gyeran Jjim” which is a Korean fluffy steamed egg that is so good since its made from pure egg unlike on other restaurants when they add more water into it making tasteless. I guess there were a dozen appetizers that come with the UNLI MIX MEAT option. So many flavors that tickles and perfectly compliment the grilled meat. Winner!

(3) Freedom to Choose. Menu wise- Premier Samgyupsal San Juan has more variety of food choices. From unli shabu-shabu to premier unli-mix meat which consist of 8 kinds of meat which includes beef, pork and chicken; they also offer dishes that would all your Korean cravings. Beverages choices are extensive too from premium imported beer to Korean Soju plus they have various brands of Korean ice cream as a sweet ending to your samgyupsal feast.

(4) Comfy Dining Experience. With so many samgyupsal places around that are usually cramped and crowded Premier Samgyupsal San Juan offers a very comfortable dining set-up where you can enjoy your meals on a pleasant comfy atmosphere. The restaurant is spacious, with strong air-conditioning and most importantly the grilling table is equip with quality table top grill that can cook efficiently with almost no smoke. Conveniently located along Wilson St. in San Juan City, the staff are attentive and ready to serve with a smile.

(5) Value for Money. Priced just right, the menu offerings of the premier samgyupsal san juan are affordable that can fit any budget. The best part is they offer good quality food at a nice comfy ambience where you’ll get your money’s worth.

Overall, my dining experience at The Premier Samgyupsal San Juan is exceptionally good. And since I live in the area, this unli korean bbq restaurant in san juan will definitely be my choice if I wanna have a happy tummy. 😍

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