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5 Reasons to Study in iACADEMY Makati

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. -Albert Einstein

Education is very valuable for Filipinos. You’ll hear stories from many parents about how they struggled by working hard just to provide the best education for their children. Perhaps at one point in your life you heard the Pinoy phrase from your mom or dad “mag-aral kang mabuti dahil ang edukasyon lang ang tanging maipapamana namin sa iyo. (study hard since education is the only thing that we can give you)”

In order to be globally competitive and to keep up with the international quality of education, the Philippines recently adopted and implemented the K-12 and Senior High School program. Sadly, most schools are not ready, and many Filipinos thought that this is not necessary and could be a total waste of time (for the students) and money (for the parents). 

Just as the country is gearing up to be globally competitive in terms of education, since 2005 iACADEMY school on the other hand has already been in the forefront and constantly evolving to stay advanced in terms of innovative learning systems that evolve around technology.  

If you are a parent or a student who is searching for the best school in Makati, then you MUST consider iACADEMY. Whether you are about to enroll in college or in senior high, you will realize that finding the best school in the Philippines has many considerations such as environment, reputation, course offerings, facilities, tuition and location. If you think you value quality education, then you can check out iACADEMY Makati wherein they offer more than just the best learning environment in a fun and non-traditional way.

iACADEMY Nexus Campus- Ground Floor

Why choose iACADEMY Makati?
This is the digital age where advancement in technology is something beyond of what we can imagine. Students should be prepared in conquering the digital world by arming themselves with the best learning experience in the field that they have genuine interest in. 

Reality check, tomorrow’s world will employ more robots and machines, computers that can do just about anything and smart wearable devices that will be an extension of our body. The technology that we are using today would be a thing of the past. Augmented and virtual reality as well as mobile apps will come rule the world in almost all kinds of industries from business, manufacturing, communications entertainment and even in the field of health and medicine- name it. Innovations in technology will very much influence and impact how we live in this modern digital age.

iACADEMY Open House Key Speakers

Jake Aragon. Vice President for Academics iACADEMY

Mitch Andaya- Dean Emeritus iACADEMY

students of iACADEMY at the Open House Symposium

Anna Abrera - Psychology iACADEMY

Shieradel Jimenez  Dean of School of Business iACADEMY

5 Reasons to Choose iACADEMY Education

1- World Class Facilities. iACADEMY Makati school boasts the best school facilities from its modern building design, learning facilities and other amenities. Once you walk inside iACADEMY building you’ll be impressed by the modern interior features from the unique ceiling, lighting, spacious lobby and entry way wherein students will have to tap their ID to get in. 

Classrooms are innovatively designed with comfort in mind and equipped with modern audiovisual tools. Lecture rooms and laboratories are comparable to what you will see in 1st world countries abroad. There’s the Lightroom and the Green Room that are utilize for animations, effects or graphic work. The iMac Lab that offers student solid experience using the Mac technology. While the spacious and impressive Sewing Room is created for students of Fashion Design class to gain hands-on experience in creating their haute couture masterpieces and actual execution of their design. FYI, iACADEMY’s sewing room was used by Runway Philippines in one season.

 iACADEMY Fashion Design Class- Sewing Room

Other facilities such as the iACADEMY library has an excellent set-up of computers, different seating configurations, very spacious and an impressive collection of books that students would find very interesting. Here, they can do group study or read a book in a quiet corner. 

iACADEMY Library

There are also facilities for other activities such as for dancing, sports, meditation and space where students can go skateboarding or rollerblading..yeah- just wait until you see iACADEMY cafeteria…whooa! 

2- Innovative Curriculum. When it comes to iACADEMY’s programs for both Senior High School and College you’ll be impressed. Senior high school students are being offered choices from the several tracks that will help them have a good background on their interest. Track offerings include, Robotics, Audio Production, Graphic Illustration and App Development. 

Green Room

                                             Lightbox Room

Just imagine how awesome it is for the students to have actual hands-on training in these fields that even as students they can get side income opportunities while developing their expertise in their chosen fields. These tracks as also offered in college as courses.  Aside from these, iACADEMY also offers Fashion Design, Psychology and business-related courses in college.

3- Non-traditional Approach. Students of iACADEMY Makati will have a great time learning while they build their self-confidence. iACADEMY has a nontraditional approach in teaching as well as student policies that are not the usual thing in most schools in the country. Aside from the advanced curriculum students here will feel a great sense of belonging. They are free to go to school in any hairstyles or hair color they like. College students can basically wear whatever is comfy for them. High school students will have to wear the official school shirt and have a choice on what to wear with them as long as it is decent. iACADEMY Makati also has restroom built for all gender which signifies an environment that is accepting and nonjudgmental. And yes, students of iACADEMY can bring their rollerblades at school and are allowed to sleep comfortably at the spacious cafeteria. 

                          iACADEMY Cafeteria/Canteen

What if you come in late? Here’s another interesting fact about iACADEMY policy on late students- no need to submit excuse letter or tardy slip there’s a fun how this school deals with this situation. Students who are late are asked to take a selfie-of-the-day and show it to their teacher/professor- then that’s about it. Now come college graduation day, when students can design their own toga cap and last year one graduate had a lightbulb inspired mortarboard (cap) which he lit up after delivering his speech- yeah, he was the brightest in his class. Cool!

4- Safe and Nurturing Environment. iACADEMY Makati school provides a safe environment which students will feel welcome and secured. From the moment students get to enter the school premises they have to do some time-in which will notify parents of there whereabouts like when they arrived and leave the school. Aside from the strict security measures the school have, the iACADEMY campus is a safe haven wherein students can grow and learn in a nurturing environment sans prejudices and judgement.  Students have a place that they can freely express themselves while allowing their creativity to flourish. That’s why students of iACADEMY are looking forward going to class each day which absences can only happen if there is no choice for a valid reason. 

Location wise, the iACADEMY Makati has two campuses one is the newly built iACADEMY Nexus Campos along Yakal and the iACADEMY Buendia. Makati is the center of business and it’s an ideal area for students to learn about their chosen field and be exposed to actual trade or industry practices. Aside from that, iACADEMY Makati is highly accessible for students living in the metro.

5- Impressive Roster of Faculty Members. A school may have modern facilities and good location but if the faculty members lacked the degree of experience and expertise what good will it do for the students. You see, iACADEMY Makati has chosen the best of the best when it comes to their teachers and professors. iACADEMY faculty members were carefully evaluated and selected to perfectly match the high standards and out of the box teaching styles of what this school represent. Students of iACADEMY will have the best learning experience since their teachers are not reliant on only books alone but from actual experiences based on what is currently on trend on various industries. This will ensure that each student is knowledgeable as to what is going on in the industry and will learn about the ins and outs in their chosen field. 

So, take a closer look at iACADEMY Tracks for senior high school where they are given an option to choose what path to take and continue mastering their skills in their field in college:

The iACADEMY Robotics Track
● Teaches fundamentals and real-world application of the Principles of Robotics. Students build and program their own robots virtually from scratch. Students may go into higher studies in robotics, computer science, programming, and engineering.
● Prepares students for careers in business processes, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, industry, and transport. Practically any job that requires a background in computers, programming, and electronics.

Angelyn Mercado- Robotics iACADEMY Open House

The iACADEMY Audio Production Track
● Audio Production today involves music, sound effects, 3D sound, augmented and virtual reality. As people prefer more experiential forms of entertainment, learning, and working, a career in Audio Production is even more viable and lucrative.
● Applies to careers in any business that entails music, entertainment, sound effects, performances, and video production.

Paolo Agudelo- Sound Engineer

The iACADEMY Graphic Illustration Track
● Drawing, painting, sketching are just the basics. Students eventually move on to digital graphics, 3D graphics, and augmented and virtual reality. 

Des Feliciano - Black Pencil Manila

● Graduates of this track will thrive as animators, comic book artists, visual effects artists, graphics illustrators, and as creators of 3D graphics, and augmented and virtual reality.

Erica Ngui -Faculty of School of Design iACADEMY

The iACADEMY App Development Track
● Every gadget and computer in the world now interconnect and operate using apps. Apps are more than just social media (Facebook, Instagram) and games like Minecraft. Apps help us navigate our world and, in the future, operate our home gadgets and appliances. 

John Gregory Jose - App Developer

● Apps deliver our food, book our hotels and trips. We work, study, play, and even repair ourselves using apps.
● Graduates will be ready to create apps, teach others to use apps, or help operate apps in corporate and educational settings.

Consider this- if you want your child to be prepared for the future and have a successful career, give them an iACADEMY education. There they can experience world-class education in a place where their creativity is nurtured. Give the edge and let them aim high on their way to be an #iACADEMYGameChanger

If you want to know more about this amazing learning institution please visit iACADEMY website and iACADEMY Facebook page.

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