Wednesday, July 25

Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan: Your One Stop Shop for Beauty Pampering

A woman is beautiful, when she feels beautiful.

Feeling beautiful is empowering to any woman. This is my opinion, but I feel many of you would agree. I am not referring to just aesthetic beauty but more on feeling beautiful inside and out and this is what total pampering is all about at the newly opened NAILANDIA Rockwell Sheridan.

Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan offers more than just beautiful nails!

Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan is the perfect place for some serious pampering. Tucked within the busy business area along Sheridan Street, Nailandia caters to hardworking BPO and office workers around the vicinity who deserve the best pampering experience from foot spa to invigorating massage. This is just perfect for people who want the very best invigorating treatments done by well-trained spa technicians.

Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan not only offer quality spa services they are also very meticulous about the products they use. From luxury brands like Chanel or Dior for nail polish, Nailandia Rockwell only uses DEPILEVE, a safe and effective European made product for their beauty treatments which is globally recognized as one of the best brands.

Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan Services/Treatments:

FACE: Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan offers rejuvenating treatments for the face from facials that cleanses and hydrates the skin to microdermabrasion also known as diamond peel which is perfect in resurfacing the top skin layer to reveal a younger looking skin. On top of these treatments, Nailandia uses the best facial products that provide nutrients for the skin. They also have top of the line treatment machines that are effective in delivering optimum results.

Me trying out their Diamond Peel- and I could say its the best!

From fabulous manicures to intense moisturizing feet pampering- Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan means serious business when it comes to beautifying your hands and feet. Aside from offering glamorous nail treatment and polish using high-end luxury brands like Dior, YSL and Christian Louboutin they also offer the best paraffin wax treatment for both hands and feet. Kids can also get some nail pampering too from their safe and non-toxic nail polish and products.

BODY Beauty:
Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan also offers body massage services from quick tension reliever back massage to full body massage. Hair removal is their cup of tea too- using the best technology and Europe made skincare treatment products, Nailandia Rokwell Sheridan can easily take out any unwanted hair on any part of the body. You can also choose other rejuvinating body treatments that they offer on their menu.

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Nailandia Rockwell Sheridan is conveniently located at the 2nd Floor The Rockwell Business Center Mandaluyong City just across Unilab. What’s even cool about Nailandia Rockwell is that they are open from 11 Am until 2 AM- longer hours for total pampering pleasure!

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