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El Mateo Deli Products Firing Up Our Taste Buds

Food is vital to one’s existence but we can’t deny that many of us indulge in gastronomical delights. Aside from the basics, we all enjoy a little something special recognized as gourmet foods.

Gourmet food products may range from exquisite blended coffee, elegant pastries to delectable spreads and this is where El Mateo comes into the picture.

El Mateo offers locally produced premium coffee, pastries and now concocted specially blended spreads that were created to complement El Mateo’s coffee.

El Mateo Spreads- outlandishly good!

From years of developing great coffee, El Mateo was inspired to venture to chili based dips and spreads. Savory hot and titillating to the taste buds, the chili that El Mateo uses are the ones organically grown and produced by local farmers at a two hectare chili farm in Porac Pampanga. 

What’s even more amazing is the fact that the owners of El Mateo are personally managing the farm ensuring gourmands of the finest quality ingredients that come in every El Mateo spreads and dips. 

Packaged in reusable personal sized glass jars, el mateo spreads offer great tasting flavors that will complement breads, crackers, toasts, waffles or can be used for other dishes too.

El Mateo Spreads and Dips initial product was Chilicioso. Can be compared to sambal, which is popular in other neighboring countries in the region, Chilicioso is stronger than the usual hot chili paste in terms of heat factor and taste quality.

Chilicioso chili paste of El Mateo has three variants that are divinely delicious namely- Special Chili, Chili Paste with Mango and Chili Paste with Shitake Mushroom. Each Chilicioso variant comes in varying levels of spiciness.

Aside from the Chilicioso Chili Paste line, El Mateo also came out of a product selection that go best with coffee (or wine) then slivered on pastries and breads- Fresh Berries Spread with Chia Seeds Spread, Pesto Spread and Creamy Cheese Spread.

People behind El Mateo  

When two passionate people meet, a solid partnership will emerge and this is how El Mateo was born.

Armed with passion about the food industry and enthusiasm on sustainable local farming, Ella Valdez and Jen Alambra conceptualized a food brand that would speak out their vision. 

Ella has solid background in food development and manufacturing while Jen specializes design and architecture. Interesting enough, these two friends collaborated and named their company El Mateo which comes from the names of Ella and her son Matthew.

Ella has been in the coffee industry since 2008. Worked as a consultant for coffee shops and acquired certifications from SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) for Coffee 101 and Coffee Cupping. She also conducts seminars and workshops about locally grown coffee and at the same time markets locally sourced coffee beans in the Philippines.

What I love about El Mateo spreads & dips:
Food has a pleasurable effect on me, I admit, and when I tasted the various El Mateo spreads, it was love at first bite.
  • All natural with no added preservatives
  • Locally sourced and grown ingredients
  • Bursting with natural flavor that does not overpower my taste buds
  • Smooth texture with well-blended consistency
  • Comes in a cute reusable glass jar
  • Not too sugary
  • Affordable

El Mateo Products and Pricelist

El Mateo Pastries
Assorted Butterscotch Php 135.00/ pack
Rich chewy dessert bar with assorted flavors to choose from: Cashew, Mango, Green Mango, Coffee with Walnuts,. White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Biscotti Php 110.00/pack
Crispy twice baked dessert best paired with coffee or tea. Flavors: Dark chocolate with almond; Cranberry with walnut, Christmas (limited time only) Shelf Life: 6 months

El Mateo Spreads
Cheese Pesto Spread Php135.00/110gms
Blended creamy cheese with fresh basil herbs and spices. Ideal spread for crackers, sour dough bagels, and other baked dishes.

Mixed Berries Chia Spread Php110.00/125gms
Combination of sweet ripe raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds. Ideal for breakfast pancakes and hot toasts.

Chilicioso- Chili Paste Php180.00/125gms
Freshly picked, organically grown chili with spices and herbs. Ideal ingredient for hot spicy soup, meat and seafood dishes, and can also be used as a dimsum sauce. Shelf Life: 3 months

  El Mateo Coffee (Whole beans and ground)

100% Arabica Php 125.00/ 110gms
Carefully handpicked Philippine Arabica coffee from the high altitude farms on the mountains of Benguet. This brew is medium bodied and is best paired with ensaymada and other light pastries.

Blend Php 85.00/110gms
A special blend of Phlippine Arabica and Robusta coffee that gives a flavourful rich aroma and taste. Coffee is best paired with dessert and suitable for people who prefer a full bodied cuppa every morning.
Shelf Life: Whole beans: 1 year Ground: 2 weeks

Where can you buy el mateo products?

El Mateo products are now available within Metro Manila only. You can order direct from El Mateo Facebook page or you can visit the Earth Kitchen in White Plains, Quezon City. They are also open for resellers and distributorship just send in your inquiry.

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