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5 Reasons to Use Tondo X Pomade and All Natural Grooming Products for Men


Men nowadays are called metrosexuals- these are guys who give a ‘shit’ about how they look. Gone are the days when men will just comb their hair, dab an old-school pomade then dress up and go. Now, Filipino men in particular obsess about looking good and feeling good by having healthy skin and hair. Like women, men can be vain too but it’s okay if it’s all about using the right grooming products for men like TondoX.

Yeah, it’s called TONDO X, a new body, hair, skin care line that is all-natural and a proudly Pinoy product.

Let’s talk about TONDO X

TondoX is a new product line launched this year. Created by Skinbae Global Inc., a 100% Filipino owned company that pays homage to an historic place called Tondo from where the brand was named. 

Ideas come naturally to this gentleman. With his passion and background, Nelson Moss (owner/creator of TONDO X) has created TONDO X Pomade and Pinoy made natural men's care line that surely connote Pinoy macho-maginoo image.

Why tondo x? Looking back to Manila’s history, Tondo is a place known for its heritage and culture. It was once the center of commerce, a melting pot for Asian traders. When the Spanish conquistadors came the vast area of Tondo was reduced to what it is now and not known to many Tondo was the birthplace of Andres Bonifacio.  The place had molded its people with such valor, fearlessness and candor leaving an impression that people from Tondo are ‘astig’ or simply cool.

So there you go, given the rich history and the interesting background of Tondo it is only right to name an effective all-natural men care product line after this place after all, TONDO X lives up to its name and reputation.

5 reasons why men should use TONDO X:

There could be a gazillion reasons why buy tondo x but I will just enumerate the most important points here.

  • Tondo X men’s care brand boasts men’s products that are manufactured utilizing the best naturally sourced ingredients.Using a plant-based FDA approved formulation, each tondo x product is safe and deemed effective. Created with science in mind by using traditionally proven herbal components, TondoX products can help men achieve healthy skin all-over and have well-nourished hair without having to worry about harsh chemicals or irritants. That’s a big plus in buying products for men.

  • Tondo X is a unique brand that is out of the box. What I mean by this is that not only that they’ve thought of creating effective men’s grooming product line but dedicated time, effort and resources to do an extensive research as well as product testing and branding resulting to a label that appeals to men across all age groups and status. Product design wise, tondo x brand screams wholehearted honesty- in a sense that their products are very straightforward with no BS. Ingredients sourced from nature, simple product label design and a natural approach to men’s beautification or shall I say good grooming- these are the things that make Tondo X what it is.

  • Tondo X is not just a brand but a lifestyle. If looking pretty is for a lady then looking neat is for a guy. With the passion that the brand creator has put in through and the dedication to come up with a natural/organic men’s product line, TONDO X connotes a manly character that is both ‘macho’ and gentleman. 

  • Tondo X offers a complete men’s care product line including hair pomades, shampoo, facial wash, body wash, aftershave, shaving cream, deodorant spray, essential oils for beard, and a masculine wash which is the counterpart part of feminine wash to keep the male private part neat and fresh. All tondo x products are organic and non-irritating that even women could love.

Hmm..smelling fresh! TondoX Masculine wash with antibacterial Tea Tree extract & rejuvenating/detoxifying Seaweed Extract. The very 1st locally manufactured mens wash that is organic and effective.

  • Tondo X promotes entrepreneurship. Skinbae Gllobal Inc. the company behind Tondo X offers a business for retailers, traders and franchisee that come with lucrative business packages. As the brand believes in the value of sharing, those who will partner will Tondo X in selling their products will surely have good income potential since tondo x men’s care product are highly salebale and easy to market. It’s a win-win situation for everyone even the prospective customers will be satisfied with their purchase.

Saksakan ng gwuapo at bango pa. I love men who are well groomed nakaka in-love. #SaksakanNgGwapo

Tondo X Pomade and Men’s Care Products are made with quality in mind and lives up to its #SaksakanNgGwupo hash tag. 

To know more about their products and to learn about their business packages you can check Tondo X on Facebook.

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