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Gangnam Wings Ends Your Craving for the Best Korean Fried Chicken Wings (with contest giveaway)

jal-mug-get-sum-ni-da” – bon appétit

When it comes to favorite popular Asian cuisines Korea comes ahead to almost all food connoisseurs. Korean Cuisine is now making its mark to the global food arena and here in the Philippines the opening of Gangnam Wings signifies that the revolutionary Korean food trend has finally begun.

Last December 8, 2016 Gangnam Wings opened its doors through the vision of Mr. Rinky Tuańo, CEO of Riley Foods Corporation. With his mission to conquer the global food scene when it comes to authentic Korean fried chicken, Tuańo vows to be recognized as the best Korean fried chicken wings not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

Rinky Tuano- CEO of Riley Food Corporation

Gangnam Wings Food Story
When we think about authentic Korean fried chicken wings these things comes to mind- it must be crispy and juicy, it should have an awesome flavor and it must be very satisfying. But in reality, the choices we have around here are very limited and I bet you felt disappointed with these popular Korean wings restaurants. The good news is you don’t have to be content to mediocre chicken wings since Gangnam Wings can truly satisfy your cravings for authentic korean fried chicken wings.

Original Crispy Korean Fried Chicken

You see, Gangnam Wings has its own Korean chef who manages the kitchen and prepares each dish at their Megamall restaurant. His name is Chef Jung and he has nothing but good authentic Korean dishes to serve the diners.

Chef Jung of Gangnam Wings

Chef Jung with his kitchen staff

Selfie with Korean Chef Jung

Chef Jung is very passionate about what he does- he is quite meticulous about preparing and cooking. Gangnam Wings import most of its ingredients and condiments to ensure the strictest quality to equal authentic Korean cooking.

What about the best korean chicken wings?

Of course we all want our fried chicken wings to be juicy, tender and flavorful and Gangnam Wings can deliver all these. You see their chicken pieces are quite big, seasoned perfectly and fried the way it should to be. 

Gangnam Wings offers several kinds of korean fried chicken- original crispy (without any glaze), sweet, hot spicy, and sweet spicy. The choice is yours but rest assured that each kind is very delicious. 

What I personally like about their wings is that the way Chef Jung spiced up each piece. You can still taste the goodness of the chicken enhanced by the spices and even the hot wings that have a powerful kick would not make you feel like tearing up. The ‘hot spicy’ taste just lingers with each bite, you know that it’s there but it won’t overpower the goodness of the chicken. It is mind boggling but I guess it’s a secret of Chef Jung and I won’t bother asking him how he cooked his wings.

OTHER Authentic Korean Dishes of GANGNAM WINGS

If you are a Koreanovela or K-Pop fan probably you heard about the popular Korean dishes such as Jap-chae, Pijeon and even the Korean alcoholic beverage- soju. What’s nice about Gangnam Wings they also serve popular dishes from Korea and Chef Jung cooks each one with such passion. The result is authentic Korean dishes that you can all enjoy at gangnam wings.

Chap-chae or Jap chae is a Korean glass noodle dish

Kimchi Fries

Korean Spicy Dry Noodles with Chicken

Kimchi Pancake

Korean Seafood Spicy Noodles (soup)

Pajeon Korean Seafood Pancake

Bulgogi Fries

Yangpa Bomb- large deep fried onion with dips

Teokbokki Korean Rice Cake Spicy Noodle Soup with Cheese

Rock Melon Korean Bingsu

Oreo Mango Bingsu in chocolate ice cream

Where is Gangnam Wings and is it affordable to eat there?

Gangnam Wings is ideally located at the Megastrip building A of SM Megamall. It has a spacious dining area with an outdoor seating where you can bring the whole gang or your family. Gangnam Wings is just beside Starbucks near the exit/entrance/drop-off.

Gangnam Wings is open at 10 am until 1 am daily with longer operating hours during weekends at 3 am to accommodate after office chill party with a good soju drink over delectable korean chicken wings. They have a good deal on local beers too. They also accept reservations for events. Wow- what a great way to chill. 

famous Korean Watermelon Soju- Gangnam Wings is the very first to introduce this to the Philippines. Light alcoholic beverage that has a fruity taste.

Enjoying my watermelon soju- the soju (bottle) can be added to those who prefer a stronger drink with a kick. I want mine a bit stronger- so bottoms up!

popular Korean soju- Soju with Yakult

So love the fusion of flavors- somewhat sour with just the right kick. Sojurita anyone? Cheers!

What’s pretty amazing with Gangnam Wings is that they decided to keep their prices at the minimum since the primary objective of their company is to provide as much as many Filipinos the authentic Korean flavors that emanate from the real Korean fried chicken and other popular Korean dishes that they serve. Their servings are way bigger than other Korean chicken wings restaurants around and they are good for sharing which is value for money.

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CONTEST ALERT: Now you’ve come to the right page. Lucky you! I am giving away 2- 500 pesos worth of Gangnam Wings gift certificates. Read on for the instructions on how to join the Gangnam Wings grand giveaway!

GANGNAM WINGS the Korean Fried Chicken Wings giveaway
Do you love authentic Korean chicken wings and other Korean dishes? If so, you must join our Gangnam Wings giveaway.

Gangnam Wings is the newest and coolest Korean restaurant today that recently opened last December 8, 2016. In line with this through Lavishly Parsimonious and Gangnam Wings' generosity you can have a chance to enjoy good Korean food and dig into the best korean fried chicken wings you’ll ever tasted. Please note that the Gangnam Wings gift certificates are valid until February 18, 2017

Requirements before joining this Gangnam Wings Giveaway- you must have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Comply with ALL contest rules to make a valid entry. Your social media accounts can only earn one entry.

Here’s how you can join:
1.    After reading this article, comment why you love to dine at Gangnam Wings. Don’t forget to include your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles/account name on your comment for tracking.

2.     Share this link on your Facebook timeline (set on public) tag 8 of your friends then use these 4 hashtags to easily track your share- #GangnamWingsGiveaway #GangnamWings #LavishlyParsimoniousLovesGangnamWings #BestKoreanFriedChicken

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Contest rules:
1.    Selection of winners will be randomly picked. There will be 2 winners of Gangnam Wings 500 pesos worth of GCs valid until February 18, 2017 ONLY.
2.    Open only for Metro Manila residents.
3.    Contest will end on January 28, 2017- Wednesday at 5 PM.
4.    Winners will be posted on Lavishly Parsimonious Facebook page at 8 PM on January 28, 2017 and will be contacted via PM.
5.    Prize will be sent via LBC on Monday- January 30, 2017 after the announcement.

THANK YOU very much and good luck!

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