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The Nutri10 Plus Benefits for Kids

Don’t forget to take your vitamins! This is one of the last things I say to remind the only “man” in the house of his nightly vitamins and for sure you moms out there can relate to this. Glad to have nutri10 plus since I could rely on it when it comes to keeping our baby big boy healthy and happy.

You see, kids these days, have to level up their nutritional requirements. Why? Because times are quite tough for them. The rigorous activities and the academic requirements in school demand kids to have optimum health- bursting with energy to keep up with their daily schedule. 

Aside from their school work, they have to enjoy being a kid at home by playing and doing other stuff that kids often engage with. Without proper nutrition kids will have a hard time keeping up with all their activities and at the same time they will be prone to sickness, and we as parents don’t want that to happen, right? 

Nutri10 Plus Review

An honest nutri10 plus review demands that the reviewer has fully experienced and reaped the benefits of this supplement. So what our young man Mac did is take Nutri10 Plus for over a month so that we could see the changes in him while he reaps all the amazing healthy goodness that he gets from it. 

After taking nutri10 plus for over a month, Mac changed his appetite and eating habits- he now eats on time, never skipped meals and developed a liking for healthy food. 

Looking about Mac’s body development over the one month period and in spite of the fact he had a bout with amoeba weeks ago, he managed to quickly recover and gained weight easily. Now he looks taller and heavier with good healthy appearance. I totally appreciate how nutri10 plus helped in keeping Mac strong and able to spring back to good health in no time.

What makes NUTRI10 PLUS the best vitamin supplement for kids?

When it comes to vitamins for kids, getting the right formulation of essential vitamins and minerals is the key when choosing the best vitamin supplement for kids. Some would offer incomplete formula while others would skimp on the right dosage leaving kids with a vitamin supplement that cannot keep up with their nutritional requirements.

Good thing that Nutri10 Plus by Wert Philippines got the right formulation and correct dosage that will ensure that our kids are getting the best nutrition. 

Nutri10 Plus Benefits for Kids|Nutri10 Plus Formulation
These are the benefits of nutri10 plus for kids:
  • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)- is one of the best natural dense food that contains highly nutritious substances. It contains nucleic acids DNA and RNA that are needed for cellular regeneration. CGF can help boost growth on cellular level that will aid in the development of skeletal, physiological and mental faculties of growing kids. It is also necessary for boosting energy levels, strengthening immune system and for tissue repair. Good thing that nutri10 plus has 100 mg. of CGF in every teaspoon.

  • Taurine- is an essential amino acid that facilitates healthy neurological development. It is also essential in regulating proper balance of minerals and water levels in the blood. Nutri10 Plus has 25 mg. of Taurine.
  • Lysine- helps in improving appetite while promoting growth development in young kids. It is also essential in supporting calcium absorption. Nutri10 Plus formula contains 300 mg of Lysine.

  • Vitamin A- is an essential vitamin that supports eye health and promotes growth development in kids. Nutri 10 plus comes with 764 IU per teaspoon.

  • Vitamin D3- often called as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is needed by growing kids for healthy bone development. It is nice to know that nutri10 plus has 210 IU of Vitamin D3 per teaspoon.

  • Vitamin E- is a potent anti-oxidant that can help boost kids’ immune system. It is also essential for normal growth and overall health. Nutri10 Plus has 13.5 IU of Vitamin E per teaspoon.

  • Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B12)- nutri10 plus included a balanced ratio of Vitamin Bs in its formulation to level up its nutritional benefits. Vitamin Bs are important in keeping the nervous system healthy. Vitamin B complex also aids in boosting brain functions valuable for school age kids. Nutri10 plus has a balanced formula of essential Vitamin Bs.

  • Vitamin C- nutri10 plus is formulated with ascorbic acid that will help fight diseases and infections. It is essential in boosting the immune system keeping kids healthy especially during the flu/cold season. Good thing that nutri10 plus contains 133% RENI of ascorbic acid ensuring the best protection for kids.

  • Zinc- is an essential mineral that boosts growth development and supports mental health. Nutri10 Plus has 100% RENI elemental zinc that would benefit overall health of children.
 As a parent, I could never compromise the health of our kids. After all, all children deserve all the love and care from every one of us and one way of showing that is by providing them with the best vitamin supplement in the Philippines and it is Nutri10 Plus.

Have you already yelled- Don’t forget your vitamins!

NUTRI10 PLUS information:

How much and how often should you use this medicine?

  • 1-9 years old: 2.5mL (1/2tsp.)
  • 10-12 years old: 5mL (1tsp.)
To be taken once a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Nutri10 Plus is manufactured by Novagen Pharmaceutical co., Inc. and available in 120mL and 250mL bottles.

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