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Blissful Moments and Good Food at Cuore Bistro Makati

“Italian food is all about ingredients and it's not fussy and it's not fancy” -Wolfgang Puck

When it comes to food nothing beats the creativity of Pinoys in the kitchen, the ability to adopt a foreign cuisine concept and turned it around to meet the discriminating palettes of Filipino foodies is almost innate to us Pinoys who know how to cook.

One of the favorite international cuisines that we Pinoys are enamored to is Italian food. When we talk about Italian dishes- pasta, pizza and anything with fresh tomatoes and olive oil come to mind. But this traditional concept of what Italian food should be has been twisted by a group of young foodies and developed a whole new concept that is suited for the Filipino taste buds and this is what Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge is all about.

Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge offers the Best Italian Food in the Metro

You may wonder what the Italian word ‘cuore’ means- its English translation is ‘heart’. What an appropriate name given to the best italian restaurant in Makati since the young entrepreneur owners clearly have the heart in bringing the best Pinoy taste in each Italian dish that they offer at Cuore Bistro. 

The food at Cuore Bistro boasts the freshest and high quality ingredients with hints of Pinoy taste here and there. This best italian restaurant in makati has diverted from the usual Italian traditional dishes but added a twist to inject a Filipino taste into it while still following the traditional Italian cooking method.  

Cuore Bistro Makati Exquisite Antipasto

Cuore is the best italian restaurant in makati that offers a variety of delightful antipastos and one sample of this is Cuore’s Skinny Dipping.

CUORE BISTRO “SKINNY DIPPING” Spinach and Creamy Cheese Dip offers a delicate balance of subtle tartness from the cream cheese and earthy flavors of spinach. This Cuore’s starter dish features lightly toasted crisp bread and a dip made from spinach and cream cheese.

CUORE BISTRO “SKINNY DIPPING” Spinach and Creamy Cheese Dip

CUORE BISTRO “SWEET STOLEN KISSES” Salad has an interesting play in terms of food texture featuring the freshest wild arugula with generous pieces of Parma ham and sweet treats all incorporated to give a refreshing taste with each bite. Anyone who hasn’t savor to love arugula will be smitten by this popular Cuore salad that has subtle sweetness through fresh grapes and specially prepared raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


Cuore Bistro Makati main entrees that will delightfully satisfy you

CUORE BISTRO “CHIX & DIPS” LEMON and BUTTER is another awesome dish to try. This perhaps is not the usual chicken (wings) and chips that you often ordered in other restaurants since Cuore Bistro has simply tweaked the flavors a little bit higher by incorporating the tangy lemon taste and creaminess of fresh butter. 


CUORE BISTRO “YOU’RE KIND OF HOT” CHORIZO GARLIC AGLIO OLIO PASTA will rev up your imagination when it comes to exquisite flavors. Savory chorizo with garlic, fresh baby tomatoes and olive oil featured in a bed of Fusilli pasta is just perfect in capturing the savory taste of its ingredients. Hefty chunks of chorizo is scattered all over to delight chorizo lovers.


CUORE BISTRO “SECOND DATE” ITALIAN SAUSAGE PROMODORO PASTA is an elegantly executed pasta dish that features the distinct Italian spiced sausage taste in every bite. Perfected with fresh tomato pasta sauce with heaps of cheese slices, this best italian restaurant pasta dish will surely make any date memorable.


CUORE BISTRO “DIRTY CALZONE” CHICKEN GARLIC PESTO is a very gratifying dish of its own. It’s messy and dirty in a good way. This is the kind of mess that you could share with your date or with good friends over cocktails or great beers that are also available at Cuore.


Make every dinner unforgettable via Cuore Sweet Endings sinful desserts

CUORE BISTRO “DEEP LOVER” ESPRESSO-MUSCOVADO PANNA COTA will deeply satisfy your sweet craving that also offers the perfect ‘kick’ to uplift your spirits. Made from the finest Italian espresso in creamy textured panna cota desert will subtly awaken you when you need some perking up in those one-of-a-kind days.


CUORE BISTRO “DULCE MARIA” SALTED CARAMEL CHURROS WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM is currently the bestseller in the sweet endings department. End your gastronomical journey at the best italian restaurant in makati on a sweet note. This Cuore dessert has no empowering sweetness but will get anyone hooked on its somewhat sweet and somewhat salty taste that will rock your palate. 


MY food journey at CUORE BISTRO and Social Lounge is very gratifying. It definitely satiates my Italian food cravings and offered more than what I expected. 

Cuore Bistro Makati outdoor seating area/ smoking area

The CUORE BISTRO dishes I featured here were such a delight and I am happy to share this feast with my closest friends. Aside from their good food, Cuore Bistro drink selection is also a winner. Juices are superb and fresh while their shakes are divine and literally have towering flavors. 

Lovely blend of lemon- Cuore freshly made lemon juice

Wine pairing can be requested since Cuore Bistro is the best italian restaurant in makati that has a perfect stock of wine in their bar and they’ve got expert matching from their wine sommelier friends.  

Tall serving of Cuore salted caramel milkshake

Have your impromptu get together with friends or a planned romantic dinner with that special someone at Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge which is conveniently located along Jupiter Street in Makati City.

Cozy bar area

Cuore Bistro also serves beers, wines and cocktails for those who want to unwind over great Italian food in a homey ambience.

Pleasant Cuore interior is dominated with dark gray color and dark hardwood tables and chairs that are perfectly spaced for intimate dinners.

Cuore Bistro is open from 11 AM until 1 AM with Cuore happy hours at 3 PM to 7 PM on Tuesday until Sunday where you can enjoy special offerings on alcoholic beverages. 
Learn more about Cuore’s food by following Cuore Bistro Makati on Facebook for updates. Call them to make a reservation at 02) 546 5789 to ensure you’ll get the best table in the house.

Cuore Bistro Makati address is 1-C Valdelcon Building, 20 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City


selfie time at Cuore Bistro

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