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Open minded ka ba? Why Filipinos should consider investing for their future

OPEN MINDED KA BA? Let’s meet up and talk over coffee.

This is the usual pick-up line you’ll get if a friend or someone would like to share and entice you to join him on his networking business as a form of investment. Your friend will be very passionate about his business proposal just like a man trying to score with a woman. 

Although the line ‘open minded ka ba” is now tainted with negativity which people often resort to avoiding hearing it even from friends, but the fact remains that having an open mind could lead you to other opportunities that might bring you success especially on your finances.

You could be earning good at this point and started allocating money for savings thinking that this is the best way to save up for the future but on the contrary there are much better options that you MUST consider in order for your money to grow. Think about long term strategic planning, think about preparing for your and your family’s future.

Sun Life Financial “Rise Towards Money For Life”
The Rise Towards Money for Life is a recent Sun Life Financial workshop held at the Shangrila Hotel Makati. Lucky to take part in this workshop where I was able to fully understand that there is no other time than now to invest and start growing money. 

Yes, I have my own savings account in various banks but sadly I often would use it to spend on something instead of giving it time to grow.

This is one common mistake that we Pinoys are guilty of, thinking that money put in bank is a form of investment but think about the possibilities of having financial goals that would help build a better future.

It was discussed at the workshop that it is best to start investing at a young age and even students can start this good money practice. If you have kids teach them the value of investing at an early age this is possible when they have extra money like on special occasions or setting an amount from their weekly allowance. At Sun Life Financial you could start investing a small amount of Php 5,000.00 and experience how will you benefit with this starter amount.

Of course it would be best to talk to an expert like a sun life advisor which you could request via their website or their Facebook page. I guarantee you, you will never hear the phrase “Open minded ka ba?” from them. Haha.

Sun Life Financial targets 5 million Filipinos by year 2020
Sun Life of Canada is targeting 5 million Pinoy clients by 2020 and it is very possible with the all-out campaigns that it will help Filipinos make valuable investments for their future. In line with this, sun life philippines devised a 5-year growth plan called RISE PH which is geared towards serving 5 million clients by the year 2020. 

In the Philippines, only few people are utilizing financial services such as investments and through the initiatives of Sun Life of Canada more people will see the value of acquiring investments for their future. 

Sun Life Financial Philippines is very positive in saying that the country has a promising economy and will address the issue of tapping prosperity for the disadvantaged sectors of the society. As Sun Life president and CEO Riza Mantaring stated "Sun Life would like to see more Filipinos looking forward to a brighter future and the whole country rising to greater heights. We would like to start by targeting five million clients in five years."

Open minded ka ba?
Why you need to talk to a Sun Life financial advisor when it comes to money matters

Many already has this notion that having a financial advisor is only for the affluent or filthy rich businessmen but on the contrary people on the workforce as well as small time entrepreneurs would greatly benefit if they have expert advice when it comes to their finances.

You really need to be OPEN MINDED to welcome the idea of getting help from experts such as sun life financial advisors and here are the reasons why:

  • Establishing a financial goal. One important advantage of having to consult a financial advisor is that he can give an analytical view of what is your financial standing and what feasible goal would suit you through practical investment. It’s a different perspective given the fact that the advice will come from an expert in a more objective fashion. A consultation with sun life advisor will help you establish realistic and manageable goals.
  • Risk management. This is one crucial part of managing investments since risk is part of the system. With an expert financial advisor your investment will be safely sailing through different seasons and times. Managing risk by adjusting asset allocation through a good advice is only possible with an expert guidance.
  • Asset allocation. It is a good practice to allocate assets among different investment channels which will bring about huge positive effects on the performance of a certain investment while with the usual passive market, weighing the benefit would not be as good as having an advisor.
  • Behavioral management. Yes, our behavior as an investor plays a significant role in the performance of our assets. That is why a good sun life financial advisor will consider the attitude of an investor. Having someone to constantly guide you in your finances will ensure that impulsive actions will be avoided.
  • Positive influence. Lastly, a good financial advisor will bring positive impact in the way you handle your finances. In our world where there is so much complexity when it comes to money matters, a sun life advisor will work to your advantage in figuring out what is useful, what is working and what could go wrong in your investments.

Sun Life Financial is the best way for Pinoys to start investing and build their future.

Money For Life: Bus to the Future
Take a bus to your financial success! The money for life- bus to the future is a genius way of bringing awareness towards financial independence for Pinoys and even students. Imagine seeing a bus that could foretell a bright future through financial investments. The MONEY FOR LIFE offers an in-depth and customized financial planning looking towards ensuring clients that they will have financial security in all stages of life. This is what the sunlife bus to the future is all about and everyone is welcome to hop in. 

The "Bus to the Future" will be stationed in various locations around the metro and it is equipped with high-tech audio visual 360-degree reality video that will transport users to various scenarios corresponding to their chosen life stage. This amazing experience will give a glimpse of a dream life that will encourage user to plan for their future via the best financial planning products offered through Sun Life’s Money For Life investments and insurance.

But, where is the BUS to the FUTURE?
The Money for Life- Bus to the Future will be available on these dates on various locations. You’ll be happy to ride the bus and freely consult with expert Sun Life financial advisors on board.

June 11 - Bonifacio Global City High Street
June 19 - Eastwood
June 25 - SM City Cebu
July 2    - Solenad, Nuvali

Bus to the Future for students!  
Yes the Sun Life Money For Life bus will park around chosen campuses at the following dates.
June   2 - Mapua Institute of Technology
June 12 - Ateneo Graduate School of Business
June 16 - De La Salle University
June 17 - University of the Philippines Diliman
June 20 - San Sebastian College
June 24 - University of San Carlos Cebu
June 29 - Lyceum of the Philippines Manila
June 30 - University of the Philippines Los Banos

Open minded ka ba?
Perhaps by now you are. As skeptical and critical as I am, I already weigh in my options and would pursue in putting up a small investment on Sun Life’s Money For Life. Anyhow, I have been keeping money in several banks for years now without having the chance to grow it but instead spend more of it. So without second thoughts I say yes to a bright future with Sun Life!

You too could enjoy the benefits of having your hard earned money secure with investments by talking to a sun life advisor or going online through the “Money For Life e-Planner that will jumpstart your financial planning. Understand your options and secure a brighter future by visiting Sun Life Philippines website  and see how you can grow your money this 2016.

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