Tuesday, February 2

Why I instantly fell in love with Taco Bell’s Cheesy Beefy Melt

Taco Bell hit me right on the spot!

There are reasons why people both young and old love cheese. It could be the distinct flavor or the gooey factor which kids adore. Either way, I find all the right reasons to declare that Taco Bell’s Cheesy Beefy Melt satisfy my ultimate cheese cravings. 

Taco Bell is now cooking something fantastic and new in their kitchen. It’s the Cheesy Beefy Melt that has all the right elements that clearly brought me to cheese heaven and back. I suggest ordering the meal combo that comes with a drink and equally delicious nacho chips with delectable mango salsa on side.

The cheesy beefy melt is what I could call a hybrid of a soft shell taco and a burrito roll that offers more than the ordinary. The whole Taco Bell Cheesy Beefy Melt is a complete meal. This new Taco Bell wrap has the finest ingredients which you can easily tell upon taking your first bite. It has rice, bits of beef, kinds of cheeses and special seasoning (herbs and spices) which give a layer upon layer of goodness in every chomp. 

Taco Bell Cheesy Beefy Melt wrap- oozing with cheesy goodness!

Why I love the new Taco Bell cheesy beefy melt? Let me count the ways…

©It is the soft shell or wrap. The shell itself is super fresh and soft to bite. It is very light and easy to chew on. Cooking wise, it was done perfectly.

©It’s the cheese. Not one, not two but three interlocking cheeses made from imported Cheddar, Mozzarella and Monterey Jack. The trio of cheeses in this Taco Bell beefy wrap comes in generous serving which gives off the layering effect of taste with each cheese kind intermingling with one another. It is a real party of cheeses in your mouth. Don’t get me wrong- the mixture of the 3 cheeses is never overpowering but instead complimentary of each other. Just cheesy perfection!

©It’s in the beef. This Taco Bell cheese beef wrap has bits and pieces of beef that has the real beefy flavor goodness. The meat is tender and cooked fresh. It is slightly seasoned that gives off a play of meaty taste goodness.

©The nacho chips did a good job. The barbecue flavored chips are super crispy and easy to bite. Unlike other nacho chips that are a bit hard this one is seasoned and crunchy. As a side dish to Taco Bell’s cheesy beefy melt wrap, the slightly salty taste of the chips balances off the creaminess of the wrap. A bite of the beefy cheesy melt wrap plus a munch on the chips perfectly complements the entire gastronomic experience.

©The salsa that can make you go ‘ole! Salsa dips can get boring sometimes but with the new Taco Bell cheesy beefy melt meal that comes with its unique salsa dip for sure you will be asking for more. It’s more like a bite-dip-munch for me. I enjoyed my Taco Bell masterpiece wrap by biting a piece of my cheesy beefy wrap, then dipping a chip on the tangy sweet mango salsa and savoring it.

The combination of textures and layering of flavors is so extraordinary and yet never complex that I enjoyed the Taco Bell cheesy beefy melt meal and loving every second of it.

Taco Bell has really hit the spot with their latest offering which you too can savor at Taco Bell branches in Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Gateway Cubao.

For updates and more of Taco Bell’s yummy delights visit their website at http://www.tacobell.com.ph or follow Taco Bell on Facebook and on TacoBellPHL Instagram.  

It’s about time to give in to your cheesy cravings and enjoy the goodness of Taco Bell’s Cheesy Beefy Melt now!

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