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Tatio Active DX: A product of innovation that can bring out the best in you

Have you ever wished to have flawless beautiful skin that radiates natural beauty from within? This is the promise of highly acclaimed beauty and whitening products from Tatiomax Pharma.

TATIOMAX Pharma Corp. is one of the top manufacturers of quality glutathione products and other beauty supplements in the Philippines who once again proven that beauty should come from within. 

In the recent product launching event held at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City last January 15, Tatiomax Pharma has introduced a wide array of effective whitening and anti-aging products that all work from within.

In the Philippines, TATIOMAX PHARMA CORP was among the first company to bring in TATIO ACTIVE DX. Established in 2008, Tatiomax Pharma Corp., under the helm of its CEO Regina Soqueño-Barrios continues to advocate “beauty from within”. And with the latest, enhanced formulation called TATIO ACTIVE DX, you get the best results and benefits of glutathione. 

TATIO ACTIVE DX aids in promoting not just good looking skin but healthy skin as well. “We recommend that clients undergo laboratory process, blood chemistry, etc. This is to properly and safely determine the right amount or dosage of glutathione to take, thus getting effective, better results”- as per recommendation of Tatiomax Pharma Corporation CEO.

Why Tatio Active DX is the best glutathione in the Philippines?
Unlike other glutathione brands in the Philippines, TATIO ACTIVE DX is available in 1800 mg that comes in soft gel. 

Benefits of tatio active dx soft gel glutathione:

  • A soft gel formulation has 5 times more absorption rate compared to the capsules or caplet.

  • It takes up to 5 minutes for the soft gels to be absorbed by the body.

  • It is almost as good as the injectable in terms of absorption.

  • Each glutathione softgel is imprinted individually to safeguard its quality and authenticity.

  • The manufacture and distribution of TATIO ACTIVE DX goes through rigid study and research.

Is Tatio Active DX safe?
To ensure safety and efficacy, TATIO ACTIVE DX is substantiated with:

  • Laboratory Tests

  • Regulatory Compliancy

  • Medical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  • Case Studies

Tatio Active DX product lines by the time it started operations in 2008 to date, TATIOMAX PHARMA CORP. is significantly on good standing in terms of market response and patronage. “Our products speak for the company. Competition is good. However, at the end of the day, it is the result that counts. And that’s what keeps our customers from coming back. We never stop innovating our products. We have to keep the pace.” 

Addressing discreet needs and demands of the beauty and wellness market, TATIO ACTIVE DX product lines include Glutathione Gold 1800 Softgel, Pearl Whitening with Sun Block 1800 Softgel, Shape Slimming Softgel 1800mg, Collagen Softgel 1800mg, Human Placenta Softgel 1800mg, Glutathione Injectable, Gluta Spray and Gluta Patch. 

Get that white magnified! TATIO ACTIVE DX! For more product information, visit http://www.tatiomax.com or like us on Facebook, tatioactivedx. You can also call TATIO ACTIVE DX Hotline at 09179361795.

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