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Good Housekeeping Philippines Breakfast and Baon in a Breeze

Quick and easy breakfast and baon for kids

    It’s a weekend once again and mommies everywhere are busy planning on what would they serve to their kids on breakfast and what easy to prepare baon for school will they make. The truth is most mothers or any person tasked to prepare meals and baon for kids are overwhelmed with the meal planning for their children. With the hectic schedule on each school day morning, mommies tend to choose foods that are practical to prepare which would end by serving the usual unhealthy processed foods.

To provide a good solution to kids’ breakfast and baon woes Good Housekeeping Philippines and Ajinomoto Philippines collaborated on a wonderful event last July 26, 2015 at the Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas. Ajinomoto’s food editor and chef Roselle Miranda demonstrated practical ways of cooking healthy breakfast and baon for kids which inspires all mommies to be creative in the kitchen.

Food editor chef Roselle Miranda on stage

At the Breakfast and Baon in a Breeze Event

Participants and mommy bloggers are treated to a fun-filled afternoon with fun games, food tastings and treats. Ajinomoto and Good Housekeeping provided each of us a giveaway bag filled with Ajinomoto products and GH magazine.

Game time for mommies

Food tastings

More food tasting...

Nutritionist from AJINOMOTO explains healthy cooking and their quality products for cooking

Ajinomoto and Good Housekeeping gift bags for the participants

Game winner!

With the help of Ajinomoto Eat Well, Live Well products any mommy can easily whip up a nutritious breakfast and yummy baon for their children in the quickest time possible. Through the cooking demo, spectators were able to learn important tips and tricks that can make kids breakfast and baon preparation easy and quick.

Tips in preparing breakfast and baon for kids:
   Variety- with most kids exposed to the usual processed foods it’s time to serve them a dish with variety. Incorporating meat and veggies in one dish is one way of serving children a well-balanced meal. Just like the CHICKEN CHEESE POTATO HASH and POTATO CHICKEN FRITATA chef Roselle was able to present dishes that are very easy to prepare and at the same time healthier. In these recipes chef used green peas, diced potatoes, chicken chunks (fillet) and cheese. 

    Fried Foods- children cannot resist a golden brown fried chicken and cooking fried foods the healthy way decreases oil absorption in food. The healthiest way to fry chicken or any other food type is to ensure that you’ve got the correct temperature. Chef Roselle explains that when frying you should use enough oil and hit the right temperature of 365 to 375'F since this will avoid excess oil to sip into the food. A simple way to test this is to drop a small piece of food and when it floats (not sink) above the oil you finally got the perfect temperature for frying chicken. For improved texture and taste on fried dishes Ajinomoto has come up with TASTY BOY all-purpose breading mix and CRISPY FRY seasoned crumbs. Using these Ajinomoto products can save you time and effort in making fried foods taste even better.

    Cheese and more cheese- kids just love cheesy foods like cheese flavored chips and dishes with cheese. Chef Roselle demonstrated how it easy it is to prepare cheesy dishes for kids such as CORN & HAM MAC n’ CHEESE and the delectable CHEESY HAM & CORN OMELET. Adding cheese to kids’ meal ensures them of the added nutritional benefits (more calcium, minerals and vitamins) while making them enjoy their food. 

     Seasoning- is a clever way to make dishes taste better while lessening the use of salt and fat. Ajinomoto umami seasoning is the best way to bring out the 5th taste or the natural umami flavor. Utilizing the seasoning that we all loved for many many years, Ajinomoto ‘vetsin’ cuts out the time in preparing meals for your kids while keeping the food healthier and tastier. FDA approved for everyone to enjoy and savor.  

   Healthy Juice Drink- it is mandatory for moms to include ready to drink juices to their kids to supplement their baons. But the thing is, most grocery bought powdered or tetra packed juices are filled with lots of sugar and more calories which eventually affect kids’ health. With more sugar, kids are more susceptible to tooth decay, hyperactivity, obesity and diabetes. And to solve this problem Ajinomoto is now introducing the first healthy powdered juice drink in the Philippines. AMINO FRES-C is a highly nutritious powder juice drink that is loaded with amino acids, arginine and glutamine that function as building blocks of protein. 

With Amino Fres-C juices kids will have stronger bones, healthier immune system, improved muscular development and energy that sustains kids’ active lifestyle. Amino Fres-C contains 70% fewer calories than the leading brands and packed with real fruity goodness. Retailing for only Php8.00 per liter pack, Amino Fres-C comes in refreshing mango, orange and pineapple flavors.

About AJINOMOTO Philippines
Ajinomoto was established in Japan on 1909 and reached the Philippine shore in 1958. For many years AJINOMOTO has provided Filipino families with quality and safe seasoning and food products that we all love for decades now. Find out more about the goodness of EAT WELL, LIVE WELL by visiting the AJINOMOTOPHILIPPINES website

About Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping Philippines is the number one family and home magazine in the Philippines. Follow and like Good Housekeeping Philippines at Facebook and get some inspiring ideas and tips valuable for your home and family living. 

I participated in the game and won a collector’s item coffee book table “PINOY UMAMI- The Heart of Philippine Cuisine” and a recipe book “Pinoy Umami Recipes”. These amazing books are something I could keep and pass on to the next generation of foodies in the family. I am truly honored.

NOTE: Content and images should not be copied, altered, pasted and used without permission from the author. Images of Ajinomoto products are gathered from their website.

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