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Luminous Glutathione Patch: Best Skin Whitening Treatment at Home

Luminous glutathione patch now in the Philippines

Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears. - Edgar Allan Poe

With today’s current trends in fashion, health and beauty the most common thing that is seen on TV, internet and on print media are celebrities or high profile people who flaunt their supple bright skin and youthful glow for public to notice. The demands to look and feel good led many people to search for the best skin whitening treatment at home spending money on top selling skin lightening products while hoping to have positive results. But the truth is, an effective whitening product for the skin need not be harmful to one’s health or invasive and instead work efficiently to achieve the desired effect.

Good thing through modern advances in science led to the development of effective skin lightening products which can satisfy the desire to improved one’s look. One notable product discovery is the new Luminous Glutathione Patch which is a revolutionary whitening system that can deliver exceptional results that anyone can enjoy.

If you are searching for the best way to lighten your skin, even out your complexion and look younger trying the luminous glutathione patch is definitely all worth it. You can now experience the best skin whitening at home and start feeling confident with the way you look.

What is luminous glutathione patch?

Luminous glutathione patch is a product of tedious scientific research that comes in a transdermal pure glutathione patch. This U.S. made skincare product has a unique but effective glutathione delivery system that can provide adequate amount of glutathione directly through the skin making it more effective than the usual popular skin lightening creams or lotions in the market today. It is a trusted U.S. FDA approved glutathione product that offers the best solution when it comes to skin whitening and now the very first glutathione patch in the Philippines.

How does luminous glutathione patch work?

Featuring a transdermal patch technology, each luminous whitening patch can deliver 250mg of pure glutathione with added 250mg of vitamin c to effectively lighten the skin from within. The exceptional rapid absorption with a 95% rate can steadily supply the entire body the much needed glutathione skin lightening effect and other health benefits making it powerful to enhance one’s appearance and improved overall health.

Is Luminous glutathione patch better than glutathione injections?

With the steady absorption rate and the gentle time-release glutathione formulation, this effective whitening system is by far the best way to lighten the skin. A luminous glutathione patch is equivalent to a glutathione injection in terms of efficacy and value sans the health risks associated with glutathione shots and the high cost. According to several health reports a glutathione injection has been known to cause liver and kidney problems among other issues since it is drastically delivered into the bodily system. Luminous is a safe alternative to glutathione injections which can equally facilitate whiter skin and even toned complexion in a fraction of a price with no adverse side-effects.

Advantages of using luminous glutathione patch

  • Luminous glutathione patch is an effective skin whitening product

  • High absorption rate at 95% as compared to other skin lightening products

  • Works steadily and gently in supplying the body with adequate amount of pure glutathione in an 8-hour period with no side-effects

  • Has powerful anti-oxidants and detoxification property that fights off the signs of skin aging and can improve overall health

  • Potent formulation that equals the benefits of a glutathione injection

  • Facilitates whole body whitening action for an even skin tone

  • Contains pure Vitamin C for maximum whitening effect

  • FDA approved with registration number 0005698

  • Made in USA with proven clinical studies

  • Provides positive results in just few weeks

  • More affordable than glutathione injections

  • Very convenient and easy to use

  • Proven safe and effective

How to use luminous glutathione patch?

The 2-step guide whitening treatment is so easy and convenient to use. Let the wonders of Luminous Glutathione Patch work on you while you sleep or within reaching an 8-hour minimum period to fully increase the levels of glutathione in your bloodstream.

STEP 1- There are several key points on your body where you can place this effective glutathione patch. With regards to your daily activities choose the best spot- a skin area that is always clean and dry. You could either place luminous gluta patch on the wrist, arms, inner elbow, inner thigh, inner knee, and abdomen or even at the lower back depending on your day to day activities. Keep the area clean and dry while the patch is attached for the 8-hour duration.

STEP 2- The luminous glutathione patch comes in a strip form which you could easily peel off. Quickly apply it on your skin by pressing gently and firmly to secure it in place. It is important to always keep this area dry and clean for the continuous release and absorption of glutathione in your body.

RECOMMENDATION: It is advisable to use one luminous glutathione patch up to 8 hours for maximum glutathione delivery on an every other day basis. And to achieve optimum results wear the patch for a period of 90 days (3 months). This will allow the best whitening results and significant anti-aging benefits.

EXPECTED INITIAL EFFECTS: Using the luminous gluta patch for the very first week will elevate glutathione levels in your body thus improving your skin complexion while providing you with extra energy for improved stamina and physical strength. You will notice improvements in your skin tone, diminishing appearance of skin blemishes and better overall skin health.

Where to buy luminous glutathione patch in the Philippines?

Luminous Glutathione patch is made in USA but now available in the Philippines through selected Watsons Stores and will be available soon in several Mercury Drugstore outlets. Comes in several packages- trial pack (3 patches), fast start pack & patches) and One month supply box (15 patches).      

Why you should use LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE patch?

Aside from the powerful skin whitening effect, the unique USA glutathione product formulation can enhance the overall appearance of your skin and improved overall health. It contains potent anti-oxidants that fights off free radicals while improving overall skin condition making it younger looking, blemish free and ultimately radiant. Not only can luminous gluta patch improved your skin health condition, it can also facilitate good metabolism providing you with more energy for a healthier and active lifestyle. 

So if you are still looking for the best gluta whitening treatment in the philippines then your search must end here. LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH is your perfect solution if you want the best skin lightening product plus other health benefits that is proven safe and very effective. 
NOTE: Luminous glutathione patch product review will be out soon on this blog. Want to learn more about LUMINOUS just go through the contact form and I would be happy to assist you.


  1. Yes it is right glutathione helps a lot for better skin. But its an important antioxidants for our bodies which helps us to protect our various internal organs from different diseases. And yes for that we must need liposomal glutathione but for this you have to go livlong because not from everywhere you could get this medicine. And one great thing is you could order this from your home.

  2. I totally agree with you. And I was very pleased with that. Awesome features and facts.. :) Liposomal Vitamin C benefits

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